WordPress 3.6 Beta 3 Released

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Over the weekend, WordPress 3.6 Lead Developer Mark Jaquith announced the official release of the third Beta version of WordPress 3.6. With the commercial launch of the updated platform slated for the end of this month, it is good to see the team approach the point where a release candidate is near.

In the May 11th blog post on WordPress.org, Jaquith stated, “This is software still in development and we really don’t recommend that you run it on a production site — set up a test site just to play with the new version. To test WordPress 3.6, try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want ‘bleeding edge nightlies’).”

More Than 100 Changes

Mark Jaquith

Jaquith remarked that the third Beta version includes more than 100 changes. One of the main features that WordPress users have been looking forward to once the project has been completed is the ability to browse through and navigate post versions that have been saved from the back end. The new autosave feature will assist many webmasters and authors who have lost content due to hardware failure, lost internet connection or other reason. With the ability to locally store edits that have been made to a post, WordPress 3.6 will let administrators scroll through each past version and go to an earlier version in cases where content has been temporarily lost.

Jaquith added over the weekend that “Beta 3 contains about a hundred changes, including improvements to the image Post Format flow (yay, drag-and-drop image upload!), a more polished revision comparison screen, and a more quote-like quote format for Twenty Thirteen. As a bonus, we now have oEmbed support for the popular music-streaming services Rdio and Spotify (the latter of which kindly created an oEmbed endpoint a mere 24 hours after we lamented their lack of one).”

The official launch date has been moved back by the development team in order to ensure that new features are up to par and not rushed out. The result has been a longer than expected wait, yet it is indeed of utmost importance that the finished product be tested as much as possible with potential issues addressed before the download goes live and is recommended for production websites.

Working Toward A Release Candidate

Developers are encouraged to test the latest Beta version against their themes extensively and work with WordPress 3.6 Beta 3 as much as possible in order to work out any compatibility issues beforehand and even report them when necessary. The WordPress 3.6 Lead Developer ended his weekend blog entry by saying, “Plugin developers, theme developers, and WordPress hosts should be testing beta 3 extensively. The more you test the beta, the more stable our release candidates and our final release will be. As always, if you think you’ve found a bug, you can post to the Alpha/Beta area in the support forums. Or, if you’re comfortable writing a reproducible bug report, file one on the WordPress Trac. There, you can also find a list of known bugs and everything we’ve fixed so far. We’re looking forward to your feedback. If you find a bug, please report it, and if you’re a developer, try to help us fix it. We’ve already had more than 150 contributors to version 3.6 — it’s not too late to join in!”

WordPress 3.6 will boast custom post formats, and autosave function, the new Twenty Thirteen blog theme that has a colorful default layout that is specifically designed for WordPress sites, and much more. We are expecting the final downloadable product to be released toward the end of this month, with release candidates coming sooner than that. For the latest WordPress news, be sure to check back frequently here at WPHub.com.