WordPress 3.5 Beta 2 Available For Download

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Over the weekend, Andrew Nacin of WordPress.org posted a blog entry letting the site’s readers know that WordPress 3.5 Beta 2 is now available for testing and can be downloaded immediately. The news is a welcoming message for those who have been thoroughly putting the first Beta version through the proverbial “wringer” by toggling its controls and putting its features to the limit on a test site.

The new Beta version can be downloaded here, which will give you ample time to come up with ways to improve its functionality and submit suggestions.

Commercial Release Scheduled for December 5th

The commercial release of WordPress 3.5 is scheduled for December 5th of this year according to WordPress.org. This is the date when developers hope to have a highly reliable product that can be fully implemented on production sites with minimal bug fix requirements; which is why the Beta testing and user feedback will prove to be vitally important over the next month and a half.

Andrew Nacin WordPress Core Developer

Referring to the updated software in his blog post, Nacin (pictured) stated that “we’ve already made a few hundred changes to improve your WordPress experience. The biggest thing we’ve been working on is overhauling the media experience from the ground up. We’ve made it all fair game: How you upload photos, arrange galleries, insert images into posts, and more. It’s still rough around the edges and some pieces are missing — which means now is the perfect time to test it out, report issues, and help shape our headline feature.”

Plugin And Theme Testing

One of the most productive courses of action one can take when downloading the new Beta version is to test it against your plugins and themes. If anything is not working correctly, now is the perfect time to let the WordPress development team know so a timely fix can be implemented. The perfect place to do this is in the WordPress Alpha/Beta Forum, which is continuously monitored and provides consistent feedback to developers.

A “reproducible bug report” is extremely helpful to core developers when sorting out flaws with the current Beta version and can be posted directly to the WordPress Trac if you’re comfortable going that route. If you’re just now getting started with trying the new version out, you can check out an updated list of all known bugs here. There is also a list available for every WordPress 3.5 bug that has been addressed so far.

What’s New In Beta 2?

The Beta 2 version has several updates from the first Beta version, including a “new workflow for working with image galleries,” along with a “drag-and-drop reordering and quick caption editing.” There is a new user interface designed for the purpose of setting static front pages for the Reading Settings tab, plus a new image editing API.

The first beta release contained improvements and functionality in mobile applications, plugins, accessibility, appearance and more.

Current WordPress 3.4.2 Users

For those currently working with WordPress Version 3.4.2, a number of improvements were made to the package in early September to address maintenance and security issues. Vulnerabilities revolving around privilege escalation and a bug that affected multi-site installations with untrusted users was fixed, as were the pagination defects that were correlated to category permalink structures.

You can use the following link to download WordPress 3.4.2 at your convenience.