WordPress 3.4 “Green” Released

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It was over two months ago that WordPress released the first beta WordPress 3.4. Those of you who have logged into WordPress over the last day or so will have noticed that the stable release of WordPress 3.4 has been released.

The theme customiser will let you make changes to your theme and preview them in real time. Most theme option pages are more advanced than this but it’s a step in the right direction and does make applying small changes to a WordPress design very straight forward. The size of images are not restricted any more so you can set the header image as any size you want.

WordPress 3.4 “Green”

Searching for themes via your admin area is much cleaner too. Descriptions have been removed and placed on the preview page. Themes can be installed from here too so you don’t have to click on the back button on your browser.

Previewing A WordPress Theme - New Way

By far my favourite new addition is the new Twitter status feature. Gone are the days where you need to take screenshots to display your latest tweets. Now all you have to do is enter the URL of the Twitter update. For example, by simply entering https://twitter.com/WPMods/status/207499440821501952 in a post you would see the following:

WordPress 3.4 Twitter Box

Note: WP Mods hasn’t been updated to 3.4 as yet as we need to ensure a vital plugin is updated first before we can upgrade – which is why I had to use a screenshot above :)

Captions have also had a small update. Now you can style your text and add links to make them more useful. I encourage you to check out the video below for a quick review of all the new features in WordPress 3.4

As with all WordPress updates, I remind you to back up your files and database before upgrading. There’s a problem with how 3.4 works with auto thumbnail generating plugins so if you are using a plugin like that to generate your thumbnails automatically, I recommend holding off updating until the plugin you are using is updated. I’ll speak about this issue more later today or tomorrow :)

What’s your favourite new feature in WordPress 3.4?


Links: WordPress 3.4 “Green” | Download

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  • Comment by KcTan

    I like the caption HTML and the live preview for this latest version. I can’t wait to see wp 3.5! Thank you Kevin for the update!