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WordPress Developers have been working hard recently on WordPress 3.2, an upcoming release that promises a lot of new features. There have been a lot of screenshots posted over the last week or so that highlight some of the biggest changes to the WordPress platform.

I thought it would be good to give you a preview of what you can expect to see in the next major release. No release date has been set for this new version however I would expect a stable release within the next 4-8 weeks.

Twenty Eleven

It was a few years before WordPress replaced their default theme Kubrick with another. Twenty Ten proved to be a huge success when it was released last year. The aptly named Twenty Eleven, which will be included with the release of WordPress 3.2, has a similar feel to Twenty Ten but has a lot of notable improvements.

Lance Willett announced the other day that they are currently wrapping up the first version of the new default theme.

Below you will find some screenshots which developer Mat ƒÆ’ ‚­as posted. These illustrate new options that allow you to customise your header:

Default: show header image and show title/tagline
Twenty Eleven Preview

Show header image only and hide title/tagline
Twenty Eleven Preview

Hide header image and show title/tagline only
Twenty Eleven Preview

Hide text and image altogether
Twenty Eleven Preview

Flexible header height enhancement
Twenty Eleven Preview

Distraction Free Writing Mode

WordPress developer Stephane Daury posted some screenshots of a new feature in WordPress 3.2 entitled ‘Distraction Free Writing Mode‘ (developed by Andrew Ozz). The feature is for those who don’t feel comfortable writing in the admin area of WordPress.

I’ve never had a problem with writing my articles directly into the WordPress editor though having worked with hundreds of writers over the last few years, I am aware a lot of people prefer to use an editor with less distractions; therefore I am positive this new feature will be welcomed by many.

You can activate the option via the editor toolbar
Distraction Free Writing Mode

When distraction free writing mode is activated, all you will see is your content
Distraction Free Writing Mode

With a minimal toolbar
Distraction Free Writing Mode

You can still add links and images in Distraction Free Writing Mode
Distraction Free Writing Mode

New Admin Interface

Stephane also posted screenshots of the new admin interface. Everything seems cleaner and more professional looking. It’s a minor improvement but certainly a welcome one.

WordPress Admin Interface

Post ListWordPress Admin Interface

Edit Post
WordPress Admin Interface

Themes (default)
WordPress Admin Interface

WidgetsWordPress Admin Interface

WordPress Admin Interface

I hope you have enjoyed this quick preview of WordPress 3.2. Once the beta version has been released I will do a more in-depth review for you all.


Comments (3)

  • Comment by Sprite girls
    Sprite girls

    I’ve just upgraded wordpress 3.2 for my blog multi user. Everything is ok except media upload show image options problem and ajax issue.

  • Comment by easyfunnimo

    hi. good to see there’s a preview of twentyeleven on 3.2. twentyeleven on 3.1.3 has some problems in the admin interface area. one problem also shows up on the homepage of the actual site.

    does twentyeleven on 3.2 beta have warning messages on the admin interface media upload page?

    what i did was install wordpress 3.1.2, select the twentyeleven theme, then updated wordpress to 3.1.3.

    that’s when i notice warning messages in the media upload page, int he admin interface. saysin something like warning: explode() expects and in_array() on the query.php file.

    anyways, before i go any deeper and use this theme and this version of wordpress… i’m looking around for some solutions that wouldn’t present these types of warning or error messages.

    so, i’m hoping that 3.2 wordpress working with twentyeleven has resolved these types of problems. i hope twentyeleven is upgraded somehow.

    very interested in your reply.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    It’s still being developed so a lot of these bugs are being ironed out. I’m sure that once 3.2 has been released the majority of these problems will be ironed out. It’s a risk you take when you use a beta version of WordPress.