WordPress 3.0 Reaches 10 Million Download Milestone

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WordPress 3.0 quite rightly got a lot of exposure on the net between it’s beta phase launch and the official release on June 17th last month.

I was aware that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the web though I was still surprised to read yesterday that WordPress 3.0 has had more than 10 million downloads since it’s release. That’s around 2.5 million downloads every single week and I have no doubt that many webmasters and bloggers still need to update from WordPress 2.x so this figure will keep increasing.

Currently the download counter sits around 10,423,386 downloads. It wouldn’t surprise me if the counter exceeded 20 million one month from now.

Mr. WordPress – feel free to pat yourself on the back :)


p.s. Are there any WP Mods readers out there who still haven’t updated to WordPress 3.0?