WordPress 2.2 Available for Android

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Earlier this month the folks over at WordPress for Android announced that the newest version of WordPress for Android – version 2.2 – is now available on Google Play.

New Features

Of course the obvious question here is: so what’s new? Well according to the official release post there’s three main updates: Feature Image Support, All-New WordPress.com Stats, and across the board reliability and performance improvements. Lets briefly unpack each of these updates.


First, the Feature Image Support. As many of you who use WordPress themes on your desktop are aware, many provide support for feature images that display as part of a “post teaser”. Now, if you’d like an image to be used as your feature image while posting from your phone all you have to do is tap it after adding it to the content area and select the “Use as feature image” checkbox.

Next we have the new WordPress.com stats. Who doesn’t like keeping an eye on their web stats when away from home or the office? Geeks, that’s who! And since there are a lot of us out there this handy little update is a welcome one. You now have the ability to see all of the same stats normally available to you in your desktop dashboard via jetpack.

Lastly we have some across the board reliability and performance improvements. As this is not a specific feature you’ll have to dive in and play around with the app to see how its performance has improved.

What Would You Like To See Next?

Now, like both WordPress AND Android, this project is open source. So if you’re using WordPress on your Android phone you have some very generous contributors to thank for that. You can head over the initial announcement post I linked up above in order to see the credits given for this particular version. However, what this also means is that by offering up feedback on sites like ours and WordPress for Android you have a direct link to these developers. So what would you like to see in future releases? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  • Comment by Robert

    Great news! Now I can blog on my HTC :X :x Yay