WordPress 10th Anniversary Celebrated Worldwide

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Across the globe Monday, WordPress fans celebrated the open source platform’s 10th anniversary (also recognized as the “Tin” or “Aluminum” anniversary). Just 10 years ago, WordPress began as a way for bloggers to easily post their unique content while also running a website without having prior programming or coding experience. Before WordPress came along, many of those who were in charge of websites had to hire extra technical assistance for even the simplest of tasks due to how difficult it could be to maintain a website, but that has all changed since 2003.

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Nowadays, everyone from young adults to the elderly routinely zip through controls panels and back-end modules to make the most out of their website’s design capabilities – and all without ever having to go into the Editor and work with code. This is possible thanks to premium WordPress themes which have revolutionized the market and created niche products for the medical, real estate, education, non-profit, dental, legal, and designing industries; not to mention the wide variety of products that are still available for personal blogging and those that offer Pinterest or Tumblr-style layouts.

Anniversary Celebrations

Jen Mylo posted Monday on WordPress.org, “All around the globe today, people are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first WordPress release, affectionately known as #wp10. Watching the feed of photos, tweets, and posts from Auckland to Zambia is incredible; from first-time bloggers to successful WordPress-based business owners, people are coming out in droves to raise a glass and share the “holiday” with their local communities. With hundreds of parties going on today, it’s more visible than ever just how popular WordPress has become.

But today isn’t just about reflecting on how we got this far (though I thought Matt’s reflection on the first ten years was lovely). We are constantly moving forward. As each release cycle begins and ends (3.6 will be here soon, promise!), we always see an ebb and flow in the contributor pool. Part of ensuring the longevity of WordPress means mentoring new contributors, continually bringing new talent and fresh points of view to our family table.”

Mylo went on to announce the WordPress mentoring program which will take 8 previously selected individuals and employ them as interns. All eight have been recognized for their contributions to the WordPress platform.

The Next Ten Years?

There is still a lot that could be streamlined with the WordPress platform in upcoming years as a growing number of companies and individuals seek out the Internet to post material and manage their business. Much of the 2013 focus from WordPress has been on the mobile device market, which has seen a massive surge in usage since 2010 as more and more people conduct everyday business and tasks from the smart phone or tablet computer. The trend has become so popular that most premium themes released today already include a fully responsive design that will automatically adjust content to fit the screen size of devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Samsung Galaxy, etc. Generating ad revenue from the smaller screens has still been a thorn in the side of many online companies due to the limited amount of space a site has to work with when it comes to giving sponsors a dedicated space for promotion.

Another major area of attention this year for WordPress.com employees has been long form posting; and promoting its comeback. Despite a large global audience that expects to get its news in bite-size form with a strict limit on publication characters, there is much to be said about the bloggers, news writer or creative person who can express bold ideas or tell a great story through long form writing.

It’s been a wonderful first ten years for WordPress… here’s to the next ten!