WordCamp Launches Multi-Event Sponsorship Program

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It’s no secret that WordCamps have become a staple of the WordPress community since the inaugural event hosted by Matt Mullenweg in San Francisco took place in 2006. More than 200 camps have been held since – across 38 countries in 116 cities – all for the benefit of the WordPress platform and those who use it in their daily lives. Since the seminars have gained popularity, many companies have chipped in to make WordCamps a success worldwide by providing sponsorship funds in order to pay for related expenses. Starting now, WordCamps now have a multi-event sponsorship program specifically designed for firms that wish to get their name attached to several WordCamps rather than paying separately.

Andrea Middleton of WordCamp Central

The new sponsorship setup for multiple events was drafted by Al Davis, Kevin Cristiano, Jared Smith, and Marissa Rosen and coordinated by WordCamp Central head Andrea Middleton, who stated over the weekend, “Do you love sponsoring WordCamps? Perhaps you love it so much that you wish you could sponsor every WordCamp on the planet. If so, you’ll probably want to look over our new Multi-Event WordCamp Sponsorship Program, a new way for companies to sponsor multiple WordCamps even more easily. We’re excited to roll this program out for the second quarter of 2013, which starts… Monday!”

Sponsorship By Region

The Multi-Event WordCamp Sponsorship Program is broken down by global regions in order to make providing funds for an area that is near a firm’s headquarters easier.

According to the official program page, “sponsorship opportunities are available on a quarterly basis. The first round is available starting April of 2013. [Sponsoring companies] will be billed at the beginning of the quarter based on the figures for 2012 WordCamps, and then two weeks after the end of each quarter [they] will be provided with 2013 data and billed if necessary to adjust the total sponsorship fee due, based on the number of WordCamps held that quarter and the attendance thereof. Attendance figures will be rounded up to the nearest 50.”

There are three categories for multiple sponsorship levels: Accomplice, Champion and Pillar. Accomplice sponsors will provide a $2.50 funding fee for each person to attend a WordCamp in their selected region within a specified time period, with Champion fees running at $5.00 per person and Pillar sponsors paying $10.00 per person. This means that Accomplices will pay approximately $625 per camp, while Champion and Pillar firms will be billed $1,250 and $2,500 per regional WordCamp (approximately).

The staff at WordCamp Central has taken the time to provide a chart that breaks down 2012 statistics for WordCamps so potential multiple event sponsors will be aware of default billing amounts. That chart is shown below.

WordCamp Sponsorship Regions

The U.S. North region includes Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee and St. Louis. The U.S. South region is for events held in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Birmingham, Fayetteville, Kansas City, Louisville, Miami, Nashville, Orlando and Phoenix. In the U.S. West, there are WordCamps in Los Angeles, Orange County, Portland, Reno, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Seattle and Las Vegas – while the U.S. East section is comprised of events in Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, New York City, Philadelphia, Providence, and Raleigh.

Please note that WordCamp San Francisco is not included in the new multi-event sponsorship program.

More Details

For more details on the newly launched program, you can read Andrea Middleton’s March 29th blog post which has also been linked to on the official Automattic news feed.

Each sponsorship level comes with its own group of benefits, ranging from logo and company name placement on the WordCamp site to a “Thank You” link in pre-WordCamp and post-WordCamp emails to atendees for Pillars. Those who are interested in taking part in the program can email [email protected] directly for additional information.

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