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There are a lot of ways in which to cross post from WordPress to Facebook. And most of them are extremely easy to set up. However, not all of the options out there seem to come equipped with the ability to cross-post to Facebook in all the different ways a website may want to. For instance, you may want to post some posts to a personal page, some posts to your fan page, some posts to a page you have been made admin of, or maybe you want to allow whomever might be writing that particular post to cross-post to their Facebook page or wall. This, and a lot more, is all possible with the Wordbooker plugin for WordPress.

Installing Wordbooker

First things first, if you’re planning to install this plugin you’ll need to head over to the Plugin Directory and download the Wordbooker plugin there. Once the zipped file has been downloaded, go to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload and install the Wordbooker plugin.


Upon activation you will notice a new option will appear under Settings in your side bar called Wordbooker. Click on it and you will be taken to the Wordbooker Options Manager.


Basic Wordbooker Configuration

The first step in configuration is authorizing the plugin to connect to your facebook account. So when you get to the page below, go ahead and click on Authorize.


You will immediately see this screen. Click Go.


After that, click allow.


You will then be brought back to the Wordbooker Options Manager. To progress to the next step click the reload button.


Now you should see this at the top of your new Wordbooker Options Page. Configuring the General Posting Options is really all you need to do in order to achieve the kind of Facebook cross-posting I mentioned at the beginning of this post. However, you will notice that there are extensive options that include adding Facebook Like buttons, boxes, etc. Also you can sync the comments on your cross-posts to those on appearing on your blog, you can get fancy with advanced options, and even make it so individual bloggers can choose to override the default settings on a post by post basis and cross-post to their own facebook wall/pages. But for the purposes of this post, here is what you need to do to achieve basic cross-posting to any Faceboook page you administrate.

You need to make sure the top box is checked – it will say “Default Publish Post to Facebook”. Make sure your account is selected in the drop down asking who’s facebook account to publish to. And I went ahead and checked the box that said “Publish Posts by non Wordbooker users” just in case (in my made up scenario) I had other bloggers on this test site and I wanted them to be able to cross-post too even if they aren’t Wordbooker users. And that’s it. To see what happens next we have to publish a post.


Cross-Posting to Facebook with Wordbooker

As you can see, when you go to Posts > Add New there is a new section under the post body that shows the Wordbooker settings. You’ll want to make sure the correct boxes are checked before posting and ta-da! A beautiful cross-post from WordPress to Facebook with stunning precision.



Final Thoughts

This plugin was really easy to set up at it’s basic level and I think I’m going to keep it installed on my test site so I can play around with it some more. I was able to get it to post smoothly to every facebook page I’m an admin on and I thought that was pretty neat. I am curious though as to how implementing this plugin to it’s fullest potential might affect the way myself and say, a team of bloggers, might actually share our content. I would be interested to know what any of you who end up using it or who may have used it in the past think about it.

Download the Wordbooker plugin here

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  • Comment by sms

    It has more features to share on Facebook, so it is the good fb sharing plugin from WPHUB and helpful to crossposting.

  • Comment by Tom Jamieson
    Tom Jamieson

    Thank you! I have had such a hard time finding a reliable FB posting plugin that actually works the way it is supposed to. Even Jetpack can’t seem to get it right. Thanks for sharing this and I will be DL’ing it to give it a try.

  • Comment by Rudd

    Ok, this one looks much better with some advance features. We used the module from Jetpack previously but it comes with very limited feature.