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Premium WordPress template and extension firm WooThemes has experienced an event-filled 2013 despite the fact that we’re still in the initial month of the new year. After going live with its new support setup on January 7th and releasing a new premium theme named “Appply,” the company’s co-founder Mark Forrester announced on Monday, January 21st, that Teaching with WordPress just got easy.

Sensei Plugin by WooThemes

The new Sensei plugin is built with online instruction in mind, and can be used for a wide range of services thanks to its layout and adaptability. Sensei allows the website owner to incorporate the software with the WooCommerce management system along with properly coded themes in order to get the most out of an online teaching website. The plugin can handle everything from organizing content to setting up tuition fee levels.

Online Course Creation

“Sensei, previously code named LMS, helps you create online courses from within WordPress,” Forrester wrote in his recent blog post. “Sensei aims to capture the core features of a learning Management plugin, while not bloating it with features other existing plugins can handle. Sensei integrates perfectly with themes and plugins!

Headlined by our senior developer Jeff Pearce, with experience in building learning systems, Sensei has been through many iterations in ensuring code stability, load performance, extendability and backend usability.”

Sensei Course Log

Forrester went on to say that “Sensei, like WooCommerce, comes with default frontend styling that should be compatible with any well-coded WordPress theme. We also plan on including custom styling for this plugin in certain future theme releases. We’ve already re-visited the Definition theme, that we actually commissioned Chris Rowe to specifically design around the LMS idea, and included slick styling for Sensei.”

Landing Page For New Visitors

Sensei Landing Page

In the screenshot below, Sensei has been used to style a landing page with the Definition WordPress template that WooThemes offers. As you can see, your website can be designed to include a landing page that will encourage new visitors to sign up to your courses or click on a separate call-to-action button in order to find out more about the available services. Although guitar instruction is used in this example, there is virtually no limit on the curriculum. This plugin can be used for any topic that revolves around online teaching.

The back-end Control Panel is easy to manipulate and requires zero code work on the customer’s behalf in order to function. Categorical content can be set up using the standard WordPress controls, while the WooThemes options panel will remain the same.

Sensei BackEnd

Support And Pricing

The co-founder reiterated Woo’s commitment to providing timely and efficient support. With the new Zendesk system beginning its third week as the firm’s support management software, most pending issues could be ironed out as soon as March of this year.

“We take product support very seriously at WooThemes and really plan to excel in the support of Sensei as we learn how our customers use this plugin and align it to their needs even closer in the coming weeks.

Similarly to WooCommerce, and dependant on it’s uptake, we plan to extend Sensei through extensions – with very competitive pricing and free additional modules for existing Sensei users,” Forrester said.

The Sensei plugin comes with an introductory price of $79 US Dollars, which will be marked up to $99 beginning February 21st – in one month. The license covers a single website.

To find out more about the new plugin from WooThemes, visit the following links.

Sensei Product Page
Sensei Demo Page

*In order to use the online course instruction section of the Demo, you will need to log-in with the default credentials set by WooThemes.

Username: student
Password: sensei

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  • Comment by Tim Nash
    Tim Nash

    While I don’t think Sensei is a game changer on its own, when you combine it with plugins like Your Members it makes a great foundation for building members only courses. To that end we built a dedicated integration for Your Members and Sensei which we are calling Dai-Sensei (great teacher) If you are interested you can find out more:


    Disclaimer, I work for Your Members if it wasn’t already obvious!