WooThemes Releases Function, Cyber Monday Deals Continue

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The developers at WooThemes have been busy keeping up with a pending support move to Zendesk, Cyber Monday deals, and getting new staff in place. In spite of all this, Woo found a way to release a new theme just in time for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday storm. Although these two dates have passed, there is still time to get in on the theme and plugin discounts offered by the company, but it is unclear how long the deals will last.

Function Premium Template

Function by WooThemes is a business-style theme that is designed to be a versatile platform for your corporate venture or online company identity. It’s packed with all the goodies you’d expect from a Woo premium product, beginning with its clean logo and top navigation area that comes complete with optional shopping cart and search bar.

Function Logo Top Navigation

The template’s Featured Content Slider boasts a large view port with the ability to automatically rotate content on its own or at the command of the front-end user via a click on either the arrow icons or thumbnails at the bottom. Post titles, publication date, author and comments are displayed within the slider, plus there is a four-column module at the bottom that will show each featured image.

Function Content Slider

Features And Testimonials

Thanks to the Features And Testimonials plugin that now comes standard with all of WooThemes’ premium downloads, you can easily list your company’s features or services on the homepage while providing an attractive way to encourage customers to click through.

Function Features

This blurb-style tool also extends to client testimonials, which can be configured to appear on the homepage in a separate area, or in the Footer region.

Another great thing about the Function theme is that it is fully responsive, which means that your content will appear differently on smaller screens in order to ensure a more comfortable browsing experience without the need to constantly thumb-scroll or “pinch” one’s way through loads of information.

WooCommerce Integration, Widget Placement

By now, many of WooThemes’ customers have come to expect a fully-functional online retail platform with each premium download they make due to the WooCommerce integration. What this translates into is a method for using any Woo theme to turn your site into an e-Commerce winner that is able to take customers through the entire shopping experience with ease. A product carousel can be place on the homepage of function, or your entire site can be dedicated to performing as a virtual Point of Sale.

Function Product Showcase

Placing custom widgets is as easy as always, with plenty of regions within the sidebar and footer for gaining social media exposure, adding Flickr photos, recent comments, etc. There’s an enormous amount of lee-way when it comes to theme customization.

Function Footer

Cyber Monday Deals Continue

Cyber Monday has come and gone, but many WordPress sites are extending offers through the week. In the case of WooThemes, it is unclear how long the discounts will last, but they are still being published at the publication time of this article.

When purchasing a premium template from Woo, you can get four bonus themes (instead of the usual two) that will provide you with more great layouts. There is also a 20% off coupon available for all products, along with an additional 5% discount for all purchases that surpass $200.

Woo Themes Discount Offer

One of the newest releases offered by Woo is the Canvas WordPress theme, which is highly flexible and offers a unique value thanks to its multiple customization options.

As the holiday season extends through December, it will be interesting to see how WooThemes adapts to its new support system while implementing the highly-anticipated forum return on top of developing additional products.