WooThemes To Enter “Maintenance Mode” Through January 2013

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The South African premium WordPress theme company known worldwide for the WooCommerce management system has announced it will enter “Maintenance Mode” from now until the end of January 2013 in an effort to consolidate tasks and begin fresh early next year. WooThemes co-founder Adii Pienaar wrote Monday, December 3rd, that “to end the year on a high, we’re planning to consolidate everything that we’ve done and give ourselves a nice, blank canvas for 2013 by going into a bit of a ‘Maintenance Mode’ in December & January. In these 2 months, we’ll be more internally focused and we’ll stagger new product development slightly.”

In his most recent blog post, Pienaar reaffirmed that the company will still remain active when it comes to commercial releases over the period. “I’d like to comfort you with the knowledge that we’ll still be releasing new products. :) Our next theme release – Hustle – is nearing completion and will be in your hands early in December. Similarly, our subsequent theme release – appply – is also near completion and you’ll be able to get your hands on that in January. On top of appply, Sensei will also be seeing the light of day in January,” the firm’s director iterated.

The Maintenance Mode List

There exists an extensive list of pending tasks on the executive’s radar over the next two months, beginning with the complete transition to ZenDesk support from UserVoice. If all goes according to plan, Woo anticipates this will be implemented fully by the middle of this month along with the much-anticipated WooThemes forum return.

Also on the list is the overall improvement of WooCommerce extensions. “We’ll be working with our collaborative developers to improve everything from the documentation to the sales copy, along with integrating some of the most popularly requested features,” reads the official blog post.

WooThemes Maintenance Mode Objectives

A new documentation portal, status site, and product customization assistance round of the team’s eight week agenda. Pienaar parted with soliciting customer feedback and added, “Beyond this, we’ve got a very clear Product Strategy in mind for 2013, which we’re convinced will delight all of you. Before we get stuck into the new year and the challenges that it’ll likely bring, we wanted to clean house a little.”

Client Opinions And Analysis

As has been customary, most of the client-generated feedback from the recent news has been positive. WooThemes user “dryfly” wrote, “Thanks for the update Adii – you certainly have my support for the ‘Maintenance Mode.’ Sounds to me you got a lot accomplished during the WooTrip. Any chance I can convince you to post more info prior to each theme release with a teaser screen print like you used to – I miss them!”

Customer “diskette” offered his concern regarding CSV exporting by commenting, “I just doublechecked the copy/docs for the offending passage and didn’t see it so maybe it was removed, but it was misleading about how products ordered would be exported ‘line by line’ when I bought it. When someone buys say 3 quantity of a certain item, it just spits out ‘3x’ in one row along with all the verbose GFPA product options titles like ‘Do you want to add more X?’. Instead I need each item on its own row with nice simple info about the product option chosen.”

In today’s environment, each WordPress theme company must weave its way through dozens of daily challenges and strive to meet customer needs in a timely manner while keeping a close eye on innovation, adapting to an ever-changing market, and maintaining pace with competitors.

With a loyal customer base and the return of its forum, WooThemes appears to have earned an opportunity to achieve what its founder has outlined. Time will tell if 2013 comes with large rewards for the creators of WooCommerce.