WooCommerce Adds 8 Extensions

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WooCommerce has grown exponentially is recent months as individuals and firms seek out the all popular WooThemes as a platform for their online point of sale website. E-Commerce is an integral part of today’s web browsing experience, with customers worldwide purchasing apparel, accessories, merchandise, services, and more by using their credit card or PayPal account. Some have said that WooThemes is becoming to “go to” company for online retail premium WordPress themes.

Those who have been awaiting more functionality within the WooCommerce platform will be happy to learn that 8 new extensions have been added recently, along with two Support Team Members (Daniel Espinoza and Gerhard Potgieter).

A recent blog post published by James Koster on the official Woo website provided insight into the latest growth and corporate hires. “WooCommerce continues to grow day by day, and as it does we need to react in order to keep up with the ever challenging support demand. Along with our impending switch to zendesk, to improve our WooCommerce support further we’re delighted to announce that we’ve recruited two talented developers who will be focusing on WooCommerce as part of our support team.”

WooCommerce Expands

New WooCommerce Extensions

If you’ve been looking for a way to assign brand names to your products then Brands is a worthwhile premium extension that is priced at $29 for a single website license. This addition allows you to create brands for your online store, assign an image to them plus a description, and then use them for a number of organizational tasks that will make for a much more pleasant front-end experience.

Customers can filter the brand name through a special layered navigational widget, and you can index or list the brand names on a page by using a unique A-Z shortcode. The brands can be linked to a product, shown as a thumbnail, and displayed within the sidebar by using a widget.

“After assigning brands to products, the layered nav widget allows customers to filter products by brand. Also, since brands are a taxonomy, you can browse by brand. The archive template can optionally show the brand description, or you can use a widget instead,” according to the official product page.

If you’re using the extension for up to 5 sites, then the cost is $49 while an unlimited domain usage license will cost $99.

Mad MimiMad Mimi Email Marketing lets you compose, share, send, and keep track of emails. By using this extension, you can automatically add customers to your Mad Mimi mailing lists when they make a purchase on your site; and add them to specific product lists and your general subscribers email list.

You can use a shortcode to give your customers precise control over which mailing lists they ultimately subscribe to, plus send your shoppers “welcome” emails as soon as they sign up (provided you are making use of the Mailer API inside Mad Mimi).

This extension is for sale at a price of $49 for a single site license, $79 for up to 5 sties, and $149 for an unlimited domain plan.

PayLeap And TrustCommerce Gateways

Giving online shoppers who are “on the go” an opportunity to complete the entire purchasing process on your site is a significant advantage for online retail sites. Two new “gateway” plugins that work with WooCommerce achieve just that.

The official description on the WooThemes website states that by implementing PayLeap, “US-based merchants can safely and easily accept electronic payments from all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc), debit cards, and even gift cards! Because this is an integrated solution, customers never leave your site even while their transaction is handled securely by PayLeap’s payment processor.”

PayLeap Checkout

TrustCommerce is a U.S. based payment processor that allows you to accept eCheck payments, but is limited to the U.S. Dollar currency at this time.

The other four extensions that have been made available on WooCommerce are Twilio SMS Notifications, WooCommerce Tab Manager, Datacash Payment Gateway, and Litle & Co. Payment Gateway.