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Without doubt ThemeForest is the largest theme marketplace available for WordPress with around 900 premium designs. I’m a big fan of ThemeForest. It isn’t perfect with support varying depending on who the designer is and many themes fail to live up to their expectations; though the sheer variety of designs available makes it one of my favourite places to find new themes.

Like any industry, competition is healthy, therefore I’m really hoping that Wonder Themes, a new WordPress marketplace which lets you buy and sell designs, becomes a success. Wonder Themes is currently in beta stage though I expect big things.

There are three reasons why WonderThemes could become really popular:

  • Designers: Wonder Themes was created by two great UK based developers: Michael Kimb Jones and Jonny Allbut. I really think it helps that the people running the marketplace know how to design themselves.
  • Rates: Wonder Themes pays a lot more to designers than ThemeForest. The standard rate is 80% though this can go or up or down depending on sales and whether you sell themes exclusively through Wonder Themes. In comparison to ThemeForests 50% starting rate, this is very competitive.

  • Framework: Wonder Themes have released their own framework called WonderFlux to help designers. The framework is free to download and is 100% GPL (however designers don’t need to use it in submitted themes).

To encourage designers to help out and test their beta version, Wonder Themes are offering a payment rate of 95% on the first theme for any design who helps them with testing.

It’s obviously difficult to determine how well Wonder Themes will fair in the competitive WordPress Theme market however I’d love to see them do well, if only to give ThemeForest some competition.

You can read more about Wonder Themes at the link below.

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Link: WonderThemes Beta

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  • Comment by John Flower
    John Flower

    Sounds like a great place. Definitely checking it out for some of my other projects. Wish I could design, but alas, that is not my forte. :-(

  • Comment by Amy

    Thanks for the tip about this new marketplace. I signed up today. I have made purchases from Themeforest and I’m curious to see how this compares.