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Paul Kim yesterday announced that is now the default blogging platform for Windows Live Spaces users (which was originally called MSN Spaces).

A brand new importer for the reportedly 30 million Live Spaces users has been created to allow them to easily transfer their blogs to WordPress. All links will be redirected from old URL’s using a 301 redirect so that search engine traffic isn’t affected.

I very much doubt that those 30 million users actively update their blogs, it’s more likely that 30 million people have created blogs using Live Spaces (though Windows suggests they are all active).

However, even if only a small percentage of those 30 million accounts are still used, this is still a massive coup for WordPress. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of active bloggers will now be using the hosted WordPress service.

More information about this can be found at the link below :)


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  • Comment by Kenneth

    I did not like wordpress at all, in fact it was totally useless for my purpose of having a private blog to share with firends and family. In spaces they could all log in with Live ID, but in wordpress they have to have a wordpress account. So I decided to move to blogger/blogspot instead, and I made a migration tool to transfer my old blog. You can read all about it and download the tool/source code here: