Control Where Widgets Are Displayed With Widget Logic Visual

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Widget Logic Visual is a plugin update from Total Bounty that lets you control what areas of your site your widgets are displayed.

The plugin is based on the original Widget Logic plugin. In the original plugin you had to add conditional tags though in the visual upgrade you can control everything by selecting where you want widgets displayed by simply checking and unchecking boxes. It’s a lot more user friendly and should appeal to those who want the functionality of the original plugin but is simpler to use.

Once you have installed the plugin you will see an option at the bottom of every widget for ‘Edit Limitation’. When I tested the plugin I noticed that this link doesn’t work in Google Chrome. As such, I had to test the plugin using Internet Explorer.

Widget Logic Visual

Clicking on ‘Edit Limitation’ brings up a box for you to add limitations to the widget.

Widget Logic Visual

You can choose whether a widget is shown on the homepage, search results, 404 error page, author page, posts, pages, categories, tags and attachments. Clicking on the ‘Except’ checkbox will ensure that the widget is not shown on the specified template. You need to specify the rules for each template one by one.

Widget Logic Visual

The widget visibility pop up shows you where the widget will be displayed on your site.

Widget Logic Visual

This information is also displayed in the widget area so you can see at a glance where all your widgets will be displayed.

Widget Logic Visual

As you can see from the tutorial video below, the plugin is very easy to use. You should be able to configure where your widgets are displayed on your site within a few minutes.

The original Widget Logic still works great though I the visual update is a lot easier to use. This is a good alternative to creating 2 or 3 different sidebars on your site if each sidebar is going to have common widgets (i.e. only certain widgets are missing or displayed in certain areas of your site).

It’s worth trying out if you want a simple way of controlling what widgets are displayed on your site and where.


Widget Logic Visual: Information | Download

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  • Comment by TotalBounty

    new version is out now that not only fixes bugs, but let’s you use conditional tags or create visual widget limitations (without knowing any code). Please report if you still have issue sin Chrome (works for us)

  • Comment by pippinsplugins

    That’s is pretty slick!