What Will We See In WordPress Themes in 2011?

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Ryan Imel wrote a fantastic article a few days ago entitled ‘The Future of WordPress Themes in 2011‘. For the article Ryan asked some of the most well known WordPress developers around the web what they’d like to see in WordPress themes this year.

My favourite projections were:

  • More use of Custom Post Types – We’ve only seen the start of what custom post types can do. Can’t wait to see what functionality developers add with this new feature.
  • More niche themes – WordPress can be used as a forum, directory and job board. I’d love to see more themes which use WordPress to create completely unique websites.
  • Less ShortcodesJustin Tadlock hit the nail on the head. Some of the shortcode plugins released on WordPress have been pointless.

From an affiliate marketing point of view I’d love to see more niche websites and more ecommerce themes which make it easy to market products and services from affiliate networks. I’d love to see more personal blogging designs too, particularly ones where major features can be switched off if necessary.

What would you like to see in WordPress themes in 2011? Please leave a comment below if you have any good suggestions (or even some bad ones!).



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  • Comment by John Flower
    John Flower

    Agreed. Themes that make it easier to set up affiliate driven sites.