What to Expect at WordCamp

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Since the first WordCamp was held in San Francisco in 2006, over one hundred WordCamps have been organized around the world. WordPress anticipates that number to pass a thousand in just a couple of years. Which in case you’re unsure, is pretty damn impressive.

Wordcamp’s current popularity is evidenced by the ticket sales of this year’s San Francisco installment, set to take place August 4th. Ticket sales for the event began on 6/22 and the event sold out in one day. More tickets went on sale to the public on Monday, June 25 with the promise that if tickets sell out again, more will be made available. Obviously, the WordPress community is extremely interested in celebrating and learning more about their favorite CMS and Blogging Platform. I know I am! Which I why I will be attending the Columbus, Ohio Wordcamp July 14-15. If you can find an event in your area (listed below) here is what you can expect.

What to Expect

WordCamp is billed as the conference that focuses on everything WordPress. Attended by anyone from brand new bloggers to the seasoned professionals – including WordPress developers, consultants, and anyone else excited about the platform. The camps typically combine scheduled programming with unconferenced sessions and other activities.


Here’s a quick summary:

  • Expect to talk about WordPress. The content of sessions is firmly focused on using and developing for WordPress.
  • Expect casual. WordCamps are meant to be low-key and affordable — cheap, even — to allow people from all walks of life to attend and learn. (tickets are typically below $40 for a two-day event.)
  • Expect acceptance. WordCamps do not discriminate – everyone interested, at all levels of experience are welcome to attend.
  • Expect to make connections, collaborate and be inspired.
  • Expect a robust local flavor. Each individual event is organized by local WordPress users, developers and fans.
  • Expect help. Volunteers help make this happen; remember to thank them.
  • Expect charity. If there is a surplus of funds at the end of the event, it is used to fund local meetups, as seed money for next year’s WordCamp expenses, sponsoring a local developer to work on a contribution to WordPress.org, or its donated to the WordPress Foundation.
  • Expect swag – maybe. If the funding is there, the swag is offered. It’s a perk, not an entitlement.
  • Expect FUN! – You’ll meet people who are crazy smart, insanely inspired and inspiring, and there’s usually something about an after party. . .
  • Sound like a good time? Tickets are on sale for these upcoming WordCamps right now:

  • WordCamp Curitiba: June 15-16
  • WordCamp Reno: June 30 – July 1
  • WordCamp Edinburgh: July 14-15
  • WordCamp Columbus: July 14-15
  • WordCamp Boston: July 14-15
  • WordCamp Sydney: July 21-22
  • WordCamp Fayetteville: July 27-29
  • WordCamp Montreal: August 18
  • WordCamp Chicago: August 25-26
  • You can view the full schedule through November here.

    Expect more posts on Wordcamp during and after July 14-15 when I attend the two day event in Columbus. And if you’re going to be in town it’s not too early to make plans on meeting up!