WordPress Developer Course

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Benjamin Bradley from iThemes recently announced the launch of a 3 day online WordPress Developer Course (from iThemes parent company WebDesign.com).

The course takes place on Wednesday, August 25th (6-8pm), Friday, August 27th (6-8pm), and Saturday, August 28th (8am-Noon) (All Central Time). There is no prerequisite to joining the course however Benjamin does note:

Some of you may be concerned that this course will be over your head or you are wondering if this is the right class to take. It is helpful if you have worked with WordPress before and have used or seen how the iThemes Builder theme is used. It is also helpful if you don’t freak out when you look at CSS. Most people, regardless of their level are going to find enormous benefits of attending this WordPress Developers Course.

The course covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Advanced Installation
  • Dealing with Security
  • Finding the right plugin
  • Write your own plugin
  • Themes
  • Understand the WordPress Loop
  • Dealing with Custom Post Types
  • The Functions.php file
  • Manipulate your site with Hooks: Actions and Filters

The 3 day online course costs $297 however WebDesign.com members get it for free (membership costs $397 a year though).

$297 is a helluva lot of money so I don’t expect this course will be suitable to most of you out there. Though if you are looking for a visual way of learning advanced WordPress techniques then may want to look more into this.


Link: WordPress Developer Course