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Wassup is a feature rich real-time statistics WordPress plugin that lists information chronologically.

Wassup isn’t a complete traffic analysis program however it’s a great way of showing information about your latest visitors. It shows their ip address, the referrer, search engines used, keywords used to find your site, operating system and pages viewed.

It also includes a sidebar widget that lets you show information on current visitors, last searched terms, latest referrers, top browsers and operating systems.

The spy visitors and current online visitors are great features that lets you see live information about your visitors. The ip address, country, time the user was online and page they viewed is shown. Each listing is colour coded to highlight logged in users, comment authors and spiders and bots.

For such a simple stats program, Wassup actually has a lot of great options. For example, you can allow editors and authors to view and manage the plugin. The spy visitors geo location map can be switched on and off and you can add a small chart about your latest visitors to your admin dashboard. Top statistics such as searches, referrers, visitors and articles can all be switched on and off too.

The plugin also has a handy option for managing the memory it uses in your database. Through the admin area you can delete the whole table or delete all records older than a set time period. You can do this manually or set records to be deleted automatically. If you want you can have an email sent to you when the wassup table takes uses up a certain number of megabytes.

There are other traffic programs available for WordPress that give you a complete overview of your website traffic though Wassup is a great tool for checking information about the people currently viewing your site. I recommend checking it out.


Wassup WordPress Plugin: Information | Download

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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    No it shouldn’t affect loading times.

  • Comment by Praveen Gowda I V
    Praveen Gowda I V

    Won’t it affect the website loading speed ?