Make Your Site Go Viral With Viral Lock

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Viral Lock is a premium plugin from WeSmashedIt that allows you to restrict content from visitors unless they share your page on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

The premise is simple. You simply protect your content with the [viral-lock] shortcode to stop it from being shown to visitors. Once the plugin has been installed, a lock icon will be added to your post editor to let you easily add the [viral-lock] shortcode to your post or page.

Viral Lock Post Editor

Once you have done this, your content will be restricted to visitors. they will instead see a box that asks them to share or tweet your page in order to see your premium content.

Viral Lock Example

The plugin works really well. Once you have shared the page the page reloads and the content is revealed. The plugin uses cookies to remember who has shared content so the user doesn’t have to share your page again when they return to your page.

Viral Lock Example

Viral Lock is a relatively simple plugin but it works well. It could be used to restrict premium content on your site or to hide download links for digital products you have released for free. I recommend checking it out if you are looking for a way to restrict content to visitors until they share your page.

A license for Viral Lock retails for $16 from CodeCanyon.


Link: Viral Lock

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  • Comment by Lord Template
    Lord Template

    Wow.. I wanna try in my website.. thank’s.. great plugin…

  • Comment by Dave80

    Hi everyone!
 is completely free and does the job better than this script (if you don’t mind that is is a hosted service rather than a script)

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    I think it is a useful plugin if used sparingly. Many websites ask users to pay for premium content or at the very least sign up as a member in order to see private content. Asking for a share is much easier for most people. If you used it too much you would alienate your readers though.

  • Comment by Latz

    What a lousy idea is this? Forcing the user to share content BEFORE he has even read it. That’s some kind of to issuing a blank cheque for the post: I don’t know what the author has written, but I already like it. I would never click on such a link and really never ever put it on any website. 

  • Comment by Hanafiah Hakim
    Hanafiah Hakim

    perhaps tomorrow …couse..too busy…not enough time…dont worry i will do may best

  • Comment by Milagrosoxl3qi

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