Velvet Sky – An Engaging Free ECommerce WordPress Theme

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There’s very few Ecommerce WordPress themes available online. One of the exceptions is Velvet Sky, a beautiful Ecommmerce design that Dapur Pixel developed for Smashing Magazine in June this year (it was also released for the open source
E-Commerce application PrestaShop).

Designed for WordPress 3.1+, Velvet Sky boasts a beautiful featured slider on the home page. Your most popular and newest products can be highlighted underneath this area and advertising can be placed here too.

The header features a main navigation menu (which supports sub menus) and links to the customers account and shopping cart. More page links can be placed in the footer area.

Velvet Sky E-Comerce WordPress Theme

The shopping experience is very professional. One click checkouts are supported and customers can purchase as a guest if they don’t want to register on your site.

Velvet Sky E-Comerce WordPress Theme

It’s pleasing to see a design of this quality being released for free. The vast majority of Ecommerce WordPress themes will set you back at least $30 and Velvet Sky doesn’t look out of place next to the paid alternatives.

I recommending trying it out if you are looking for a good Ecommerce design. It’s free so you’ve nothing to lose, if it doesn’t work out for you just try something else :)


Velvet Sky WordPress Theme: Information & Download | Demo