How to Change the Theme a Visitor Sees Depending on the Browser

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UserAgent Theme Switcher is a plugin which changes the theme your blog uses depending on what browser the visitor uses.

Problems with designing for different browsers isn’t as much of an issue as it was a few years back however being able to determine the design a visitor is still useful, particular for those using mobile browsers.

The plugin works with Google Chrome, Safari, Safari Mobile, Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 to 8, and Opera Mini. There is unfortunately no way to add new browsers through the settings area though.

User Agent Theme Switcher WordPress Plugin

UserAgent Theme Switcher is a good plugin though it isn’t a complete solution. It needs support for more mobile browsers and more desktop browsers. Hopefully this will come in the future.

It will certainly prove useful to many WordPress users though and is definitely worth checking out.


Download: UserAgent Theme Switcher