35 Useful WordPress Tutorials From 2011

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The WordPress hacking community is alive and well. It seems that there’s nothing you can’t achieve with WordPress by making a few changes to a template or core file. Today I would like to share with you 35 great tutorials that developers have written over the last 5 months.

* Note: Tutorials are not listed in date order.

WordPress Admin Bar Tutorials

Tutorials that help you you modify the new WordPress admin bar:


Tutorials that show you how to enhance your WordPress dashboard:

Admin Area

Tutorials that show you how to add additional functionality to your admin area:

Posts & Pages

Tutorials that help you modify your posts and pages in some way:

Htaccess Tutorials

Tutorials that require you to edit your .htaccess file:

Tips & Tricks

A range of tips and tricks that help you get more out of WordPress:

If I have missed any great tutorials from 2011, please feel free to share them in the comment area.


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