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In this guide to installing valuable plugins for WordPress, I will cover some of the more important plugins that you should consider if you have a WordPress blog or website.

All in One SEO Pack Plugin by Hallsofmontezuma

This plugin is one I have found to be very valuable because it adds much needed Meta tags to your blog. It allows you to control the Keywords used throughout your site as well. The admin page as you can see in the image below, allows you to enter Meta keywords for the keywords, title tag and more:

useful wordpress plugins

You can find the All in One SEO Pack plugin from the plugin directory by going to

BackupBuddy Plugin by PluginBuddy

backup buddy pluginThis is another plugin I have used a lot. I have personally probably used this one more than any other. If you are a developer, it is a must-have. If you do your own modifications it is also a must-have. If you hire developers, designers or SEO professionals, and would like to back up your site before they make modifications, it is great for that too. BackupBuddy also allows you to clone any WordPress site quickly and easily. It does all the difficult database work that is a pain to do manually if you are making a clone of your site. Of course there are many reasons you should have a backup of your site, so consider this plugin for your WordPress blog if you need a backup utility. You can read more about it or download it and see our review of it Here

Gravity Forms Plugin by RocketGenius

Another plugin that almost everyone could probably use for their WordPress blog or site is the Gravity Forms plugin by RocketGenius. This is an all-in-one solution for developing forms of almost any type on your site. It has special considerations for common forms such as a contact us form. It has all the following HTML form elements: Text input, Textarea, Select input, Checkbox, Radio button and the File Upload input.

gravity forms installation

It really is versatile for a form plugin. Other form plugins fail in comparison from my experience. Check out the review I wrote on it and learn more from the following link: Here

W3 Total Cache Plugin by Fredericktownes

W3 total cache

If your site needs a cache plugin, this would be a great one to use. First of all, if your site loads okay now, meaning it doesn’t take more than a few seconds for your pages to open, then you might not need a caching system at all. In that case, it is often best not to worry about page caching. There are some drawbacks to using caching plugin. The main drawback I notice as a developer is that it makes it hard to see your updates. It can be particularly annoying if you don’t even know a caching system is in use. Of course if you know it’s there, you can deactivate it for testing. That said, if your site takes too long to load a page and if some pages are constantly opened over and over again by visitors, then caching system can greatly improve your site’s performance, particularly when it comes to page load times. It is best to keep your page loading time down to a few seconds whenever possible, so this plugin could be what you need if you are having issues with page load time. You can find the W3 Total Cache Plugin in the plugin directory at

HeadSpace2 SEO Plugin

The HeadSpace2 SEO plugin is a newer more revolutionary WordPress plugin designed to take care of all of your WordPress SEO needs. This plugin is meant to be an all-in-one solution to your meta tags, analytics, page titles, no index and no follow and other meta data needs. You can see an example of some of the settings it offers in the image below:


The plugin allows you to do some rather unique things that can improve your site’s SEO and more, such as load plugins for specific pages or posts as demonstrated in the above image. It allows you to easily work with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, 103 Bees, StatCounter, Yahoo! Site Explorer, Apture, Hit Trail, AWStat Tracking and many other services associated with great SEO techniques. This plugin is also available in the plugin directory at

Advanced YouTube Embed Plugin by Embed Plus

The Advanced YouTube Embed plugin provides enhanced video performance from embedding YouTube videos. It allows you to use some unique features for videos such as Video Reactions, Chaptering, Cropping, Instant Replay and more. Support for this plugin is great if you like video tutorials because the online community has donated plenty of videos on how to use it. You will find links to videos on their plugin page at below. You can download the Advanced YouTube Embed plugin from by visiting

Check out how easy it is to embed videos with the Advanced YouTube Embed plugin in the below image. All you have to do is enter the video’s URL and the plugin does the rest as you can see here:

useful wordpress plugin 2


In this post, I have given you a half dozen great plugins to choose from for your WordPress website or blog. I only do six because I am not a huge fan of over using plugins. You should only use what you need and don’t get caught up in the plugin fever where you have so many plugins activated on your WordPress installation that it causes your blog to run poorly. You should always install one plugin at a time and thoroughly test your website after installing each. If anything changes or breaks in your site, disable that plugin immediately and try something else or troubleshoot the problems. Good luck with your WordPress plugins and have a great time experimenting with the above suggestions.

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  • Comment by Warren B
    Warren B

    I also prefer the Yoast SEO plugin but perhaps its worth checking out again the All in one SEO.

  • Comment by Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    RAFY I have Yoast SEO plugin installed on a few sites and All in One SEO on others… for me they do the same thing. But yes, Yoast does have several more features that a new to SEO person may find helpful.

    As for the Advanced YouTube Embed plugin, if you add a YouTube video here and there to your blog, I agree you don’t need a plugin for that but if you regularly add YouTube videos, the plugin covered here has a ton more features so I would say it is based on your needs more that anything else and it is free;)

  • Comment by Rafy

    Not bad guys, however, I would like to point out that Yoast SEO plugin is better than All in one SEO pack, pack more features and has a more friendly interface.
    Also, I find that there is not need for a Youtube embed plugin if you use the embed code provided by youtube directly.