Two WordCamps Scheduled For This Weekend

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If you’re a WordPress users who has grown accustomed to viewing seminars and workshops consistently posted on, then there is more content coming your way following this weekend – when two WordCamps will be held in separate Western Hemisphere countries: Canada and Nicaragua. With more than 200 WordCamps now under organizers’ belt, the camps have grown into a tradition of sorts as developers, theme authors and website owners informally meet in various locals across the globe to discuss topics that are designed to enhance the platform’s usage while aiming to innovate through brainstorming sessions that normally take place over a one or two day period.

WordCamp Nicaragua 2013

WordCamp Nicaragua

This Saturday, May 25th, the WordCamp Nicaragua will take place in the city of Managua with most in attendance booking a night at the Hotel Mansion Teodolinda. BlueHost will act as the Champion Sponsor for the event, which will feature a number of speakers and take place mostly in the Spanish language. On the official WordCamp website, organizers state that “WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. On May 25, 2013, the Nicaraguan WordPress community will gather at the Universidad Centroamericana in Managua to celebrate the very first WordCamp in Central America. WordCamp Nicaragua 2013 will feature distinguished speakers and a variety of interesting topics on blogging, design and programming on the WordPress platform.”

Other sponsors of the one day event include MoviStar, Code Poet, ISIC,, and Modern Tribe. With the first ever WordCamp making its way to Central America, the WordPress platform continues to increase its influence and now enters new territory when it comes to community driven workshops.

WordCamp Calgary 2013

The other camp being held this weekend will take place in Calgary, Canada at the Amsterdam Rhino Design District Urban Tavern and will also be sponsored by BlueHost, DreamHost, TeamTreehouse, Code Poet, SPRY, and Good Company. The official WordCamp Calgary website explains that the event “is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. Join us May 25th & 26th for engaging and inspiring sessions that will leave you exhausted (in a good way!) and ready to take on new challenges with your WordPress site. This community-led event would not happen without the help of volunteers, sponsors and speakers so sign up and spread the word.”

WordCamp San Francisco 2012

If you would like tickets to the Calgary event, they are still available at a price of $40 each (ticket prices are kept low due to heavy involvement from sponsors). There is a group lodging deal with Hotel Arts for those who will be flying in for the two day event or simply driving from the suburbs to attend.

WordCamp Success

The success of the informal community meetings is well documented as volunteers and committee organizers have streamlined the training process in order to get more qualified individuals involved in the local process as well as coordinate the shipment of hardware to be used at various locations.

WordCamp Central website coordinator Andrea Middleton recently introduced the multi-camp sponsorship program which has allowed interested parties to invest in a “season” of events in order to gain exposure and assist with the overall progress of events over a longer time period than before.

There are many trending topics that have been in the news lately regarding WordPress – namely the growth of crowd funding websites and how the concept has helped several entrepreneurs launch their software development dreams and make them a reality. One of those projects includes the ambitious Pressgram photo sharing tool designed by John Saddington of Atlanta, Georgia which is currently underway.