Two Simple Video Gallery Plugins

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If you post a lot of videos on your blog then you will enjoy these two video gallery plugins from Stian Andreassen. YouTube SimpleGallery and Vimeo SimpleGallery let you add a gallery of videos to any page or post to your site.

Adding galleries is incredibly easy. You just need to use the shortcode [youtubegallery] to display Youtube videos and [vimeogallery] to display videos from Vimeo. The URL’s of the videos you want to display just need to be placed in between the opening and closing tags.

Here’s an example of 3 Youtube videos listed within the youtubegallery tags:

YouTube Simple Gallery Preview

In the settings area you can decide whether you use the built in CSS code or customise the gallery yourself. You can place the titles of videos above or below the gallery.

With the YouTube SimpleGallery plugin you can determine the size of the embedded video in the settings area.

YouTube SimpleGallery WordPress Plugin

You cannot set the size of Vimeo videos however you can remove the video title.

Vimeo SimpleGallery WordPress Plugin

The plugins work with the Thickbox and Shadowbox plugins to allow the videos to be embedded onto your site.

If you don’t use either of these plugins the user will be taken to youtube to view the video. You do have the option to open videos in a new tab but I think it’s best to embed the videos so that the visitor doesn’t leave your site so I’d recommend using Thickbox or Shadowbox.

If you are looking to display several videos on your website then I encourage you to try these plugins out. They’re easy to use and make listing multiple videos on your site a breeze.

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Links: YouTube SimpleGallery | Vimeo SimpleGallery