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Today I would like to show you two classifieds WordPress themes from Sofa Rider. The themes are YellowPress are WPClassified; both of which are being sold through ThemeForest.

The themes have very small cosmetic differences between them. YellowPress is marketed as a review type directory whereas WPClassifieds is a classifieds with a rating system though they are essentially the same theme, therefore which one you buy comes down to which design you like the best.

It is possible to run the themes in two modes: free or paid. In paid mode users have to make a payment via PayPal in order to submit their website to your directory. In free mode you can limit the number of entries from users to reduce spam.

YellowPress WordPress Theme

The themes have a host of features including:

  • Expired post renewal option (Paid mode)
  • Social bookmarking
  • Built in contact form
  • Built in pagination
  • Star rating system (with WPClassifieds)

The home page resembles a a traditional gallery/directory though the rest of the site looks like any other WordPress site so has space for advertising down the sidebar and a widget ready footer.

WPClassified WordPress Theme

Directory sites such as these can make good money if you take the time to establish them through marketing. Though I would encourage you to do some research into whether a customised WordPress theme is the best solution for this kind of site instead of a dedicated stand alone script.

YellowPress retails at $32 for a single license whereas WPClassified retails for $27.

Good luck,

Links: YellowPress | WPClassified

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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    I’m not aware of any other themes off the top of my head. I’d perhaps do a search on a script directory site like hotscripts for a stand alone script which does the same thing :)

  • Comment by Deepak

    Wanted something like for a future project of mine, thanks for links. Checked about the comments for both of themes, it seems that the developer himself don’t want people to but the WPClassified and is promoting for yellowpress instead. Anyways Yellowpress looks good as well, it would be great it if you can point to some more themes like this. Couldn’t get hold of something good.