2 Good WordPress Videos For You To Enjoy This Lazy Sunday

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WordPress.tv is a fantastic place to enjoy WordPress related videos. I try and catch up with the site at least once a month to view the latest interviews, presentations, videos and more. So what better day to do this than the lazy Sunday before Christmas :)

The first video I would like to show you is a presentation from WordPress “Happiness Engineer” Sheri Bigelow. Sheri talks about her love of WordPress and talks about her she helps WordPress.com users. It’s hard not to be impressed by her genuine love for the WordPress platform.

The second video I would like to share you all is the 29th episode of The Big Web Show, hosted by Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman. In this episode WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg speaks about his love for open source software, how Automattic makes money on the web through commercial WordPress projects such as WordPress

I must admit I enjoy listening to Matt talk about WordPress. He’s an intelligent guy and is clearly passionate about what he does, which makes it difficult not to share his vision on many points. It was good to hear the reasons why Automattic have snapped up services such as Gravatar, even though they don’t have a business model.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on his interview :)