Two Fantastic Twenty Ten Child Themes

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The Twenty Ten Theme has proved to be one of the most popular additions in WordPress 3.0. The theme is easy to modify and is a fantastic base for child themes.

I’m quite disappointed that we have not seen more Twenty Ten child themes but I’m sure that we will see many more in the future. Until then, I will leave you with two great looking child themes which have been released over the last month.

2010 Weaver

Also known as Twenty Ten Weaver, ‘2010 Weaver’ is a fantastic Twenty Ten child theme from WordPress Weaver.

The theme extends the Twenty Ten theme by offering more functionality such as customising design colours and inserting code into the head area of your site.

2010 Weaver WordPress Theme

As well as the original theme, Weaver also comes with 15 customised Twenty Ten designs, which can be changed at a click of a button in the settings area. Your own customisations can also be saved and restored in the settings area.

2010 Weaver WordPress Theme

If you like the original Twenty Ten theme then you’ll love Twenty Ten Weaver. Not only does it allow you to customise the theme more easily, it also comes packaged with 15 different styles so you can quickly and easily find the right style for you.

Download Link: 2010 Weaver


Speaky is a beautiful Twenty Ten child theme which was released a few days ago by WP Beginner.

As you can see from the demo, Speaky has a beautiful top navigation menu and a featured post slider on the home page. In my opinion it looks more clean and professional than the original Twenty Ten design.

Speaky WordPress Theme

The video below illustrates the theme in action.

Speaky is a great choice for those who are looking for a clean professional design.

Download Link: Speaky

As I pointed out at the start of this post, there hasn’t been many Twenty Ten child themes up to this point. I do hope that this changes in the future as Twenty Ten is a good looking theme and is well coded.

Rest assured, you will be the first to know when more Twenty Ten child themes are released :)


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  • Comment by Janivanda

    Also like Speaky a lot! Especially the featured posts slider! But.. featured posts slider isn’t working on IE. Anyone knows a solution for this?

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    @Syed – No problem (sorry for the late reply) :)

    @Zeaks – Great list there. A few I hadn’t seen.

  • Comment by Zeaks

    These are two of my favorite child themes. I’ve searched the net and created a list of child themes for twenty ten some might interest you.

  • Comment by Syed Balkhi
    Syed Balkhi

    Thanks for adding Speaky in the list Kevin :)