Embed Tweets In Your Posts & Pages Easily With Twitter Blockquotes

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If you include Twitter statuses in your posts and pages frequently, you are sure to love the Twitter Blockquotes WordPress plugin from Konstantin Kovshenin.

Once installed, you can easily insert Twitter statuses into your posts by simply inputting the Twitter status URL. For example, by simply entering the URL https://twitter.com/#!/WPMods/status/169411705829470209 into a post the following will be displayed:

Twitter Blockquotes

In my opinion the default styling looks great though it can easily be improved by adding adding some code to your stylesheet. Konstantin wrote a good tutorial on how to change the output.

For example, adding this to your stylesheet:

blockquote.tweet {
    background: url(https://si0.twimg.com/images/dev/cms/intents/bird/bird_gray/bird_32_gray.png) 0 0 no-repeat;
    padding-left: 50px;

Will add a twitter icon to the left hand side of the tweet.

Twitter Blockquotes

Alternatively, you could place a simple border around the tweet to make it stand out.

blockquote.tweet {
    background: white;
    box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px #ccc;
    padding: 10px;
    margin: 30px;
blockquote.tweet p { margin: 0; }

This produces the following:

Twitter Blockquotes

In the tutorial Konstantin also shows how tweets can also be extended further to show things such as follower counts.

Twitter Blockquotes

I was really impressed with Twitter Blockquotes. It really makes posting Twitter status updates simple once the plugin has been installed. It’s this simplicity that makes the plugin stand out. There’s no settings page to enter settings and you don’t need to remember shortcodes in order to publish status updates. You simply add the status URL to your post and the plugin takes care of everything else.

The default output looks good though by simply making a few tweaks to your stylesheet you can make tweets really stand out with images, borders and colours. I encourage you to try it out if you quote Twitter tweets a lot in your posts.


Link: Twitter Blockquotes oEmbed