Twitter Announce App Connection Changes

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Twitter Applications and OAuthIf you are a Twitter user then you will probably have received an email from them today regarding their new authorisation rules for applications. As of August 31st 2010, all applications must use “OAuth” as an authentication method.

You will have come across the “OAuth” authentication method many times before. Essentially, it asks for your permission before an app is allowed to use your Twitter login details to give you access.

Hopefully this new change will not affect you however there are bound to be some Twitter WordPress plugins which will need to be adapted to accomodate this new change so bear this in mind if a Twitter plugin you are using stops working.

Twitter also announced their new URL shortening service They claim their new link service will protect users from spyware and malicious software. It’s a smart move – being able to track click throughs for links will give them a lot of useful data, which advertisers could use to increase exposure of their own products.

Link: Twitter Applications and OAuth