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Tweet And Get It is an interesting WordPress plugin from Twitter background providers VIUU that I came across recently. The Tweet&Get it team agreed to answer a few questions to explain what the plugin does and how it can help you with your blog.

Q. For the benefit of WP Readers, can you describe briefly what the TweetAndGetIt plugin is and what it does?

A. Tweet&Get it ! is a WordPress plugin empowering bloggers to monetize their files : music, ebooks, web resources, PDF, Excel, Word etc.

The plugin allows the blogger to create a download button, which will hold the file he wants to make available for download.

In exchange for the file, the user will have to:

  1. Send a tweet (priorly defined by the blogger)
  2. Follow the blogger’s Twitter account

Q. What was the inspiration for this plugin?

A. We are a Web Agency based in London who specialise in Community Management, WordPress Blogging and GUI WebDesign.

In 2010, we have launched a general public website, where you can browse through more than 1000 Twitter backgrounds. To get one, all you need to do is use our Automatic Install module.

Here’s how the module works: people have to connect to Twitter with oAuth, send a promotional Tweet and Follow our account @pointofviuu to get the backgrounds automatically installed on their Twitter account. It is a fast and simple, one-click installation process.

The steadiness and the reliability of this module (we get more than 1500 new Twitter followers per month with it) has drawn us to develop a WordPress plugin specialised in acquiring new Twitter followers. The idea behind all this is to offer those who have a WordPress site the possibility to instantly integrate a similar technology to our Automatic Install module on on their blog or website.

How many bloggers have pictures, graphics, mp3s, ebooks, web resources to share and mostly they share them for free. With the Tweet&Get it! plugin they will get something in return for sharing their content.

That’s how Tweet&Get it! has come to life!

Q. The plugin is currently free, although a copyright notice is attached to the plugin. Do you have plans for a commercial/non-branded version in the future?

A. Yes. We are actually building the next release of the plugin and we will propose a non-branded version.

Q. What new features can we expect in TweetAndGetIt in the future?

A. We receive different feature requests every day. We take those requests very seriously and we’re currently thinking about how we can best meet and implement them for the next Tweet&Get it! version.

There are lots of ideas floating around in our minds but what we know for sure it that the future Tweet&Get it! release will not just be limited to WordPress.

Thanks to the Tweet&Get it team for taking part in this interview. More information about this plugin can be found at the link below.

Link: Tweet And Get It

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    Innovation never sleeps and that is why I like WordPress as a platform! If you have a need â€â€œ more than likely someone else does too and they have created a solution in form of plugin you can install and use!
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  • Comment by RickPuaPila

    weet&Get it ! is an automatic process to get Twitter followers in exchange for a downloadable file. Get your shortcodes by setting up your Tweet&Get it ! buttons. Copy/paste the shortcodes into posts, pages and widgets areas. Your Tweet&Get it ! buttons will immediately be available to your visitors.
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