Our Readers Choose Tutorials As Favorite Article Type

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On Monday December 10th, we published an in-house poll that encouraged our readers to provide feedback on their favorite article type. The choices available were News, Tutorials, Reviews, Blog Posts, Polls, and Interviews. Although there was a relatively small participation level in last week’s questionnaire, we were still able to discover that a healthy percentage of those who read WPHub prefer Tutorials as their favorite type of article on a WordPress site.

Tutorial articles provide an extremely valuable service to any type of website, especially when they are written by authors who are well-informed on the topic(s) of interest. Here at WPHub.com, we’re fortunate to have talented designers, theme creators, programmers and coders who are knowledgeable on a wide range of issues that face WP site owners on a daily basis.

Win-Win Situation

With instructive write-ups, visitors often enter a self-help mode that helps both website and end-user to improve. On one hand, a well written article with helpful tips can successfully “go viral” if it receives enough social media exposure through organic, virtual word-of-mouth promotion. This assists a website in many ways and encourages even better posts going forward; not to mention the recognition the author receives through likes, subscriptions, etc.

The flip side of this coin also presents a positive outcome, with the reader becoming more interested and informed on the subject matter. If the site in question offers a forum, a tutorial-style article could bring in new traffic in the form of thought provoking comments and feedback. There is also a higher chance readers will return to your website if they previously found helpful material there. This win-win situation forms the foundation of what many WP site webmasters strive for when it comes to publishing quality content.

In-House Tutorials

Chris Ellison

For example, WPHub writer Chris Ellison (pictured) published an article earlier today called Adding to the WordPress Toolbar which provides pointers for both beginning and advanced WordPress users.

“The Toolbar is useful for more than just signing out or going to the dashboard,” Chris writes. “It gives developers the opportunity to provide shortcuts on the front-end of a website. Some well-known plugins, such as Jetpack, W3 Total Cache, and WordPress SEO, take advantage of the Toolbar to display information or provide navigation shortcuts to some important functions of either the plugin or the current page being viewed.”

He gives information on how the three extensions can be highly useful, and then adds, “another incredibly useful feature of the Toolbar is the “Edit” link which appears when you are viewing any page, post, or attachment. If your theme does not have an edit link built-in, this link in the Toolbar will take you directly to the edit page for that content. Again, reducing the amount of time required to modify any content and correct any errors.”

The article is complete with screenshots on how to perform advanced tasks and has received a number of social media shares since being published only a couple of hours ago.

Other Article Types

News stories, polls, and reviews also received at least one vote from last week’s survey. News entries are ideal for generating buzz and keeping readers informed on the current events within your industry, while polls give websites an interactive feel that adds to the overall community.

Reviews are both insightful and helpful when it comes to the products front-end users need to make purchasing decisions on. Since monetary decisions are often crucial, independent feedback can ultimately result in hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars being saved in the long run. The WordPress themes that we promote here on the site often contain an in-depth review and screenshots that grant readers access to info on how the item will perform while providing a separate link for the demo.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a great idea to divvy up your site’s content into several categories that will interest and attract readers with varying opinions on what’s best. We sincerely appreciate the time our readers took to answer last week’s poll question relating to article types, and encourage you to participate in this week’s survey that asks which areas theme companies should improve on as we move into the 2013 calendar year.

You can find that poll article here.