Turn Your WordPress Website Into A Wiki

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2 days ago I reviewed Q & A Lite, a limited version of a questions and answers plugin from WPMU Dev. Today I’d like to show you the free version of another great plugin from WPMU Dev that lets you add wiki pages to your website.

Wiki works in a similar fashion to their Q & A plugin. Wikis can be added very easily through your admin area, in much the same way as blog posts or pages. Visitors can comment on the wiki in the discussion page and you can quickly edit the wikie through a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ style editor (though you can go advanced too).

Wiki Lite WordPress Plugin

The history is quite useful and allows you to see who has edited the wiki recently and when. Just like regular posts, previous versions of the wiki can be viewed and restored too.

Wiki Lite WordPress Plugin

Wiki is quite a basic plugin though my main criticism is that other users cannot edit the Wiki. WPMU Dev removed some features from the lite version of their Q & A however the plugin was still very usable. The same cannot be said about Wiki Lite

In the full version anyone can edit your wiki page and update it however in the lite version only the admin can. The whole point of a Wiki page is that anyone can edit it (or at least approved editors) therefore I don’t really see the point in using the free version as you would be as well just adding the content as a post or page.

I appreciate the developers need to limit features for free plugins to encourage people to pay for the premium version, however I cannot see the point in a Wiki plugin where only the admin can edit it.

If you are considering purchasing the premium version then it’s worthwhile trying the lite version first to get a feel for it, though on its own, the lite version of the plugin is very disappointing.


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