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LinktrackrLinkTrackr is a web based link cloaking, masking and tracking service from marketer Gobala Krishnan. I normally use link cloakers which use the same domain as the website which links them (e.g. though LinkTrackr does have some great features.

When you sign up you have to pick a username. This will be used for all your links (e.g You can mask your tracking URL with your own domain for branding purposes. For example, if your website domain is you could register and use for tracking links.

As you would expect, adding links is a breeze. You just have to set the destination URL, the name of the link, and the category.


A viral bar can also be attached to tracked links. The bar shows the number of Twitter retweets and Facebook likes. This method may be better than a simple URL redirect since there is more chance of the link being shared. For example, if I tweeted about a new site and shared the link with Twitter followers it would redirect to, therefore the unmasked URL is more likely to be shared, but with the viral bar users are more likely to share your tracking link.


The number of clickthrus can be shown for all links being tracked. This information is also displayed in a graph so it easy to see which advertisements are converting the best.


Gobala also recently announced a WordPress plugin for LinkTrackr which automatically converts keywords on your blog to your tracking links; a fantastic way of integrating affiliate and sponsor links into all of your articles at the click of a button.

Linktrackr WordPress Plugin

The service costs $1 for the first 30 days and then goes up to $27 a month. Whether the service offers value for money depends on how you market products and services on your site. If you have a lot of articles on your site then the ability to automatically convert keywords into affiliate links will surely bring increase your monthly affiliate commissions so bear this in mind.

As I mentioned earlier, I usually cloak links within the same domain, however there are many benefits of using a hosted link cloaking service such as this such as the viral bar and the ability of using one tracking link on an unlimited number of websites.

To read more about Linktrackr please click on the link below.

Link: LinkTrackr