Track Your WordPress Theme Performance With PressTrends

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PressTrends is a great new service that lets theme developers track the performance of their themes. It also lets WordPress owners track how their website compares to other websites out there.

In order to use the service you need to quickly sign up for an account in order to get an API key. The WordPress Plugin shows you a snapshot of how your site compares to the average website (I assume sites are compared to other on the network). It shows you the number of published posts, comments and comments per post for your site against the average for the community.

It also shows you how many plugins you have installed compared to other websites. There’s not any functional benefit from using the plugin though it’s interesting to see how your site compares to others. After you have seen the stats for your site, I don’t see why you would need to keep the site activated.


The main feature of PressTrends is that it allows WordPress theme developers track how the performance of their themes. By inserting the PressTrends code into your functions.php template you can track how many people are using your design and what versions are being used. It also shows you a graph that tracks how your theme has been adopted over time.

The WordPress plugin is worth installing temporarily if you want to see how your site performs against the community for posts and comments. It doesn’t really provide any practical information though. The real benefit of using PressTrends is the ability to track the performance of your design across the web. This will allow you to see if the popularity of a design is growing or sliding over time. It will also help you see what version of your design is the most popular.

I recommend checking it out if you are planning on releasing a WordPress theme this year.


PressTrends: Information | Download Plugin