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Total Feedback is a fantastic premium plugin that allows you to add unlimited polls to your website. The polls are displayed at the bottom right hand side of your page and visitors can minimise the poll so that they are not obtrusive.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the polls are professionally styled, making it a good alternative to other poll plugins that simply add a text based poll to your sidebar or footer.

Total Feedback Polls

Creating a poll is very easy. You simply write your question and then write the possible responses for visitors. You can set it so that visitors can choose one answer or multiple answers. You can also let users give their own unique answer in a text box instead of specifying their possible responses for them. Due to the way the poll is displayed at the bottom of the page, I think it’s best to keep the number of answers to no more than 6, as anymore and the poll would be a bit large. You do have the option to add as many answers as you would like though.

Total Feedback Create A Poll

One of the best features of Total Feedback is the control it gives you over where your polls are displayed. You can display your poll on your whole website or you can specify specific posts or categories that you want them displayed. This is incredibly useful for those of you who want to display multiple polls. For example, if the plugin was used on WP Mods I could ask a plugin related question on all plugin category posts and a WordPress theme related question on all theme category posts.

You can also control how the poll is displayed. You can set the poll to display after a set number of seconds, whether the poll is displayed after a visitor has answered the question and whether the poll starts minimised or shown completely from the start.

Total Feedback Responses

The plugin shows a lot of information for poll responses. The total number of votes for each answer and the percentage of the total vote it represents are shown. The feedback from those who entered answers themselves rather than choosing an answer (known as text responses) is also shown and the plugin details what pages visitors are completing the poll too. Another useful feature is the plugin shows you the country that those who complete the plugin are from.

The bigger your website becomes, the more useful information about your visitors becomes as it allows you to plan future articles and find out more about your regular readers. It also gives you vital information for advertisers.

There are three license options available for Total Feedback. All license options allow you to add unlimited polls to your website.

  • Personal License: $29.95 – Allows you to use Total Feedback on one website and includes 6 months of support.
  • Network License: $69.99 – Allows you to use Total Feedback on 5 websites and includes 1 year or support.
  • Web Shop License: $149.99 – Allows you to use Total Feedback on an unlimited number of websites and includes 1 year of priority support.

There is a 14 day free trial available for those of you who want to try the plugin out first (recommended) and those who do purchase a license get a 14 day money back guarantee if they are not happy with the plugin. There are free poll plugins alternatives available however those of you who are looking for something a little more professional should definitely check out Total Feedback.


Link: Total Feedback

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  • Comment by Adam James
    Adam James

    @Job Did you try contacting their support?

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    @Job There are lots of good contact form plugins though I donĀ“t know of many that are similar to this.

  • Comment by Job

    well it didn’t worked on my wp site and their FAQ link was not work working.

    Was a waiste of time i’m afraid.

    Do you have a plugin that does the same but which actually works?

  • Comment by vishal

    thanks, this was what I wanted. I purchased it .

    The great thing about the tool over others is that its easy to use.