Create a Ticket System with the Quality Control WordPress Theme

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Quality Control is a free theme which turns WordPress into a fully functional ticketing system. You can create tickets and milestones and use categories and tags with each ticket too.

Each user can interact with their own ticket so they can update or close their ticket.

Quality Control WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a ticket or bug tracking system then you should check out Quality Control :)


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  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Hi Umberto,

    I didn’t design the theme myself so I don’t know how the theme templates etc well.

    The theme was designed by Spenvcer Finnell. You could perhaps contact him :)


  • Comment by Umberto


    first of all i’d like to say thank for this wonderful theme. Ihave a question to ask you. How can I notify every open ticket? When a registered user open a ticket, using the usual form, i’d like to receive an email that notify it to me. How can i do? It’s a setting thet is possible to manage by admin pannel or it’s necessary to modify one of the php page? If it’s so…what page have i modify?

    Waiting forr your answer. Thanks a lot