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ThreeWP Activity Monitor is a useful plugin for monitoring the activity of all users of a WordPress website. It tracks logins, password retrievals and resets, post and comment activity, user registrations and much more.

The overview area displays every users activity in chronological order. Additional information such as the users ip address and the browser they used is also displayed if a user logs in. You can select activities and delete them if you wish (selected activities of all of them).

ThreeWP Activity Monitor

In the settings area you can set how many activities are shown on a page and how many should be stored in the database. You can also select who can view their own activity, who can view others activity and who can delete their own activity. The post types that are tracked and the maximum password length can also be adjusted.

ThreeWP Activity Monitor Settings

In the activities section you can define exactly what type of activities you want to track. For example, you can change the settings so that only user login activity is tracked or only post activity is tracked. It really depends on your own situation and what you need to track with your users.

ThreeWP Activity Monitor Activities

A useful uninstall option is included for those who no longer need the plugin and want to remove the tables from their WordPress database.

Uninstall ThreeWP Activity Monitor

The user area shows the last time users logged into your website.

User Activity

To see exactly what a user has been doing you need to view their profile. At the bottom user profiles you will see all of their activity and the number of successful and failed logins and retrieved and reset passwords.

User Activity

If you have editors, authors or contributors writing articles for your website, ThreeWP Activity Monitor is a great plugin in seeing exactly what they have done. If you allow registrations to visitors for comments or a forum you will find this plugin useful for tracking unauthorised access and spam etc. I recommend trying it out :)


Link: ThreeWP Activity Monitor

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  • Comment by gfserradinho

    Thanks for this plugin review. I was looking for something like this as I was wondering what my contributors were doing once logged in. This will help me better understand what they do.

    i have just installed it and will monitor it for a week or two and check the results and decide if the plugin stays or goes.