Version 2 Of The Thirsty Affiliates Cloaking WordPress Plugin Released

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You might remember the Thirsty Affiliates WordPress plugin from a few months ago if you’re a long time reader of this blog. Kevin wrote a fantastic review of the plugin which covered all about the first version.

My name is Josh Kohlbach, I’m the developer of the plugin and today I’m super proud to announce to you that ThirstyAffiliates has released version 2.0 of the plugin.

There’s a number of things changing and a few cool new features that I think you will like. Kevin asked me to stop by and write up a post showing people what’s changed and what you can expect in the new version. There’s also a little surprise at the end of this post too.

Some of the changes in version 2.0:

  • New look, no more black interface
  • Improved workflow and UI
  • Added plugin updating with WordPress’s update dashboard
  • Added a new statistics engine to allow you to better explore your statistics
  • Robot and web crawler visits no longer count as clicks
  • An option to stop logged in users counting as clicks

Listening to feedback is important

One of the things I always try to do is stay in touch with my users and listen intently to their feedback. Customer service is really important to me in this way as no one knows better what my products need than the people using them.

What I kept hearing overwhelmingly from the start was that the black backgrounds and non-standard interface was distracting them and felt too foreign to the rest of the WordPress backend. In version 2.0, all the black is gone and a lot of effort has gone into improving the user interface and workflow of the core plugin itself.

Plugin Updates

In the past, plugin updates were delivered via email, but our concern was that not all people were updating to the new version which often fixes security problems, bugs and adds enhancements they would find handy. In the new version all plugin updates are delivered via your WordPress dashboard which is the safest way to have a premium plugin deliver updates.

New Statistics features for Premium version owners

One of the coolest features we’ve had in comparison with competing plugins has always been our statistics add-on. This is an add-on only for premium plugin owners and it adds a smorgasbord of information about clicks made to your affiliate links.

In the old version these statistics were limited to set periods. However in version 2.0 we’ve put a lot of effort into expanding this to be a dashboard like experience similar to what you would find in any analytics package.

You can search over date periods, pull out individual links for analysis, examine clicks over categories or sub categories that you have setup and more.

Robot and web crawler blocking

We also by default now include blocking of robots and web crawlers so they don’t mess up your statistics. This means that the click statistics data you collect on your links is more accurate than ever. Logged in users can also be blocked in a similar manner with an option in the settings.

Check out our new video

As there was before, there are still two editions. The Standard edition is the core plugin only and the Premium edition comes with the statistics add-on plus some other goodies.

Birthday Bonus Discount

Birthday, what birthday? Well my birthday is in April so I’ve decided that because I’m getting old and don’t really need anything I’d give something to you.

And, as if that wasn’t already a good enough reason to give you a discount, my birthday this month is shared with ThirstyAffiliates.

It was in April last year that I decided to write this plugin and started punching out the first lines of code.

So to wish myself and ThirstyAffiliates a happy birthday this month and to celebrate the debut of version 2.0, I’m giving a massive 30% discount to anyone that enters the code “BIRTHDAY” during checkout of either version of the plugin.

Click here to visit the ThirstyAffiliates website and claim your discount before the end of April, 2012.

I hope you enjoy the new features of ThirstyAffiliates 2.0. If you’re interested in picking up a copy, you can check out all the details on the website.