Third BETA Release For WordPress 3.5 Goes Live

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Developers who have been involved in the Beta Testing process for WordPress 3.5 can now move on to the next stage of probing. Users worldwide can now Download WordPress 3.5 BETA 3 directly from the website and begin trying out their themes and plugins against the new Beta.

WordPress Core Developer Andrew Nacin

WordPress Core Developer Andrew Nacin, who has become instrumental in the ongoing communication process between the core development team and eventual users, told developers Tuesday that he expects WordPress 3.5 “to be ready in just a few short weeks. Media management has been rewritten, and we’ve taken great pains to ensure most plugins will work the same as before, but we’re not perfect. We would like to hear about any incompatibilities we’ve caused so we can work with you to address them before release, rather than after.”

Official Release Of WordPress 3.5 Set For December 5th

In only three weeks, the full non-Beta version of WordPress 3.5 will be available for download, and the WordPress Community has shown a substantial amount of excitement. The WordPress Beta Tester Plugin has already been downloaded more than 60,000 times, with reviewers giving it an overall 4.6 Out Of 5 Stars rating (59 total votes).

Beta Testing WordPress

In his most recent blog post, Nacin explained that the core developers have performed “more than 300 changes since beta 2. At this point, the Add Media dialog is complete, and we’re now just working on fixing up inserting images into the editor. We’ve also updated to jQuery UI 1.9.1, SimplePie 1.3.1, and TinyMCE 3.5.7.”

Beta Testing Recommendations

Although many of the bugs with WordPress 3.5 Beta have already been identified and resolved, this new version is still in BETA and therefore not recommended for production sites. You can easily set up a test site to work with the new release without any risk to your vital data, layouts, etc.

When playing with the new Beta, you may find a bug yourself. In this case, Nacin asks that you post in the Alpha/Beta Area of the Support Forums. More advanced WordPress users may want to go a step further and file a reproducible bug report on the WordPress Trac. A Known Bugs List and WordPress 3.5 Beta Bug Fix List have also been made available to the community.

WordPress 3.5 Beta Fixed Bugs List

The blog post ended with a three-column message for developers:

“Beta three is out
Soon, a release candidate
Three point five is near”

Additional Info For WordPress 3.5 Beta

James Huff of Weblog Tools Collection WordPress Consultant and Editor James “MacManX” Huff stated that “the developers are forecasting the final WordPress 3.5 release to be in a few short weeks. This particular beta is still is not meant for live sites, but please do try it on a test installation, especially if you are a plugin or theme developer. If you run into any bugs, please check the known and fixed issues first, report them if they have not already been reported or fixed, and visit the support forums if you need any help.”