TheStyle By Elegant Themes Released On Platform

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Here at, we figured it was only a matter of time before Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach was able to work out a deal with Automatticians to begin delivering premium themes on the platform. Earlier this week, that finally became a reality as TheStyle premium download was officially released for usage by users.

In a Wednesday blog post, Roach told his fans, “Elegant Themes has been working with the folks at to help bring our themes their users. TheStyle is the first of our themes to be released on the platform, and we are excited to continue bringing more of our products into their marketplace in the future! For those who prefer to use the more automated system of to create their websites, you will be pleased to hear that more and more of our designs will soon become available to you.”

TheStyle WordPress Theme

With more than 80 premium themes currently under the company’s belt, Elegant Themes’ TheStyle serves as a blogging and/or magazine/news interface that utilizes a Pinterest style layout to display entries on the homepage in a grid-based pattern for easier viewing.

Elegant Themes The Style

Each post that is listed comes with its own thumbnail, title, text excerpt, publication date, author name, number of comments, and can be moused over to gain a larger viewpoint perspective before the front-end user clicks through to go to the full post. The default layout on the homepage divides content up into separate areas without using infinite scrolling; meaning visitors will have the option to browse through additional content manually by using the page number icons located at the bottom.

Responsive Layout

Like most of Roach’s latest releases, TheStyle is fully responsive. This can be verified by simply going to its Live Demo page and reducing the size of your browser’s window. You’ll see how the content automatically reforms its layout and adjusts as you change the overall window size. This will also take place on small screen devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Android, and iPad.

TheStyle Responsive

If you’re managing a website that could potentially receive a large percentage of its traffic from small screen users, you’ll want to make sure you have a 100% responsive theme in place to cater to that market.

What’s more, TheStyle is compatible with all of the popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Netscape. Those who download TheStyle will gain access to full support along with knowing they have a theme that works well on WordPress 3.5 and some earlier versions of the open source software.

Custom Page Templates

Because of TheStyle’s unique layout, there isn’t much in the form of custom page templates to speak of. More than anything, you’ll publishing a news feed on a website that is capable or organizing content in a variety of categories ranging from industry news to blog material. However, you can still use shortcodes to enhance your site’s content on the front end by adding alert boxes, columned text, maps, embedded videos, and much more.

TheStyle comes with complete localization along with five default color schemes that can be selected through the back-end Options Panel with one click of your mouse or tap of a mobile device. All you have to do is go to the Color tab and choose the hexadecimal code that is most appropriate for the image you wish to portray to readers. This theme’s code has been independently verified to ensure that it is secure.

To find out more about TheStyle premium WordPress theme, go to Elegant Themes or You can also get a look at how the theme will act in real time by viewing its Live Demo.