Themify Updates Its Framework

in Blog is a premium WordPress theme company that currently markets more than 35 downloads in the form of pre-designed, fully functional templates for your WordPress website. The nuts and bolts behind most themes is the actual framework, which usually is responsible for managing everything from custom post types to formats, color schemes, functionality and more. Late last week, Themify released Version 1.3.3 of its Framework, which can be downloaded by simply clicking the “Update Now” option at the top of your Dashboard area when using an activated theme from the firm.

The Themify Development Team stated late last week, “Please be advised that all our themes have been updated to framework 1.3.3. We’ve rebuilt the framework’s data structure for better performance. The major change is the theme option panel’s config file. The theme-config.xml file has converted to theme-config.php. The theme-config.php file is now localized. This means you can translate the tab labels in Themify panel. The old theme-config.xml or custom-config.xml files will no longer be in use. If you currently have any custom-config.xml file, please re-create a custom-config.php based on theme-config.php.”

Themify Framework

The framework is capable of running all 36 themes within the company’s catalog, which range from personal blogging platforms to online points of sale.

Themify Downloads

Here at WPHub, we currently promote the 36 premium options offered by Themify. Some, such as the Responz download, include a 100% responsive layout that is capable of formatting your content on the front-end to appear in alignment with virtually any screen size. This in turn means you can more easily maintain visitors who are viewing your website from a small screen device such as a smart phone or tablet computer. The ability to comfortably “tap” one’s way through a page without having to horizontally thumb scroll and pinch constantly if a huge benefit for users on the go, and there are several themes that offer this feature.

Another top seller for Themify is the Pinboard theme, which is styled after the popular Pinterest layout. With this particular download, customers can format their website to post content in a “pinned” manner that will infinitely scroll down the homepage until all entries have been viewed. Visitors can simply click on the post’s title to view all the material contained within; including screenshots, text, and quotes.

Themify Themes

There are four pricing plans available for new and current Themify clients. The first is a one-time fee for a standard license of any premium theme marketed by the company; available for $39. The license rights come with full access to the download, support, upgrades, unlimited website usage and website forum access so you can get your queries answered by a professional staff. The “Developer” license can be purchased for $59 and contains all of the previously mentioned benefits along with layered Photoshop files; ideal for beginning your own website or managing a client’s online portfolio.

There are also two Club Memberships that can be bought for a yearly subscription fee. The first does not include PSD files and requires a $69 annual fee. With the purchase, customers will be granted full access to all of the premium downloads available from Themify. Finally, the Developer Club membership includes PSD files and comes with a price of $89 per year.

Themify Blog

For those who would like consistent updates on new releases from Themify as well as tips on how to correctly manage a WordPress site, the firm published an independent blog feed that is written by various members of the staff as well as the development team as a whole.

Themify is a reputable source from premium WordPress themes for e-Commerce, blogging, business, photography and other platforms and now has an updated framework to manage its products.