ThemeFuse’s The Muse Focuses On Minimalistic Blog Design

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Earlier this week, premium WordPress theme company ThemeFuse added another download to its catalog: The Muse. With a primary focus on personal bloggers who also use their WordPress website as a potential portfolio platform, The Muse boasts a minimalistic layout that lets the actual content do the talking. Best of all, the theme comes ready-made for beginning webmasters with all the necessary code already written in. This means that even the most inexperienced site owner can get to work immediately after downloading and activating the latest offering from ThemeFuse.

Multiple Layouts

The Muse Homepage

When you first take a look at The Muse theme, you’ll notice a simple yet effective two column format that aligns entries vertically while displaying their publication date, title, screenshot, text excerpt, number of comments, category, author name and click-through button for those who want to continue through to the full post.

However, if you prefer a one column or three column layout, you can easily adjust the design from the back-end Control Panel by simply going to the appropriate tab and making the corresponding “click” of a mouse or “tap” of your mobile device. In fact, just about every major adjustment for this theme can be performed from the Control Panel without ever having to go into the Editor and work with code; a huge benefit to those who want to concentrate entirely on getting high quality content out for their readers without having to worry about programming issues.

Custom Page Templates

The Muse includes a number of Custom Page Templates that can be used for blogging, providing contact details, highlighting your work portfolio, displaying the services you offer, posting image galleries and more. All you have to do when creating or editing a page is go to the right-hand WordPress menu and select the pre-designed format you wish to implement and then insert your customized content.

The Services Page, for example, is a great tool for communicating your talents to readers and letting them know that you offer certain goods at cost. This could range from programming to promotion and will work for individuals as well as small firms and freelancing groups.

The Muse Services Page

The page templates serve to distinguish different areas of your website and set them apart in a way that can be easily categorized.

Sidebar For Widgets

In the Blog Feed screenshot I’ve pasted below, you’ll see the sidebar on the right side that is fully widgetized. Here, you can give sponsors the credit they deserve by inserting their advertisements while subsequently generating revenue from impressions. The sidebar can also be used for social media feeds, providing links to recent posts and comments, meta info, search functions and give users one-click access to any other important region on your site.

The Muse Blog With Sidebar

To insert widgets, go to the corresponding tab from the back-end and select the layout/order you wish to implement.

Responsive And Compatible With Popular Browsers

The Muse Responsive Design

If you currently enjoy a significant traffic boost from small screen users who are navigating from their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Android or other portable device, then The Muse’s responsive design is for you.

Responsive layouts are a huge feature for premium WordPress themes marketed in 2013, and The Muse comes hard-coded to automatically switch the size of your content to fit whatever screen size is being used by the visitor.

This theme also comes with full compatibility for popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer, plus it will work on the latest release of WordPress.

To find out more about the latest commercial release from ThemeFuse, visit the following links.

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