Congratulations to the Three Winners of our ThemeFuse Giveaway

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Who doesn’t like getting something for free? You can fork over money for a WordPress theme, for example, but then you’re spending your own cash. You could have treated your significant other to a posh Valentine’s Dinner this week rather than pay for a WordPress theme. Luckily, WPHub was here to help.

Recently, we ran a contest that gave away a voucher for a theme of your choice from ThemeFuse to three lucky readers. Now, we’re proud to announce the Twitter handles of the winners: @TeodorBahchevan, @TheDave16, and @dziubek. We hope you enjoy your WordPress themes. Do us a favor and create something unique, spectacular and perhaps most importantly, useful for your target market. Then, come back to WPHub and tell us what you came up with.

As you might have already guessed, the contest involved Twitter, and here’s what you had to do to be eligible. First, readers had to follow @WPHUB on Twitter. We have 2,800 followers already and are growing by the day. We post all of our articles to the social network site, as well as all of our promotions, so you’ll be among the first to know what’s hot in the WordPress world. We’ve written over 2,100 Tweets so far.

Second, anyone interested in winning our ThemeFuse contest needed to make the following Tweet: “Thanks to @WPHUB – I just entered the Free ThemeFuse Contest via”. Extra credit was given to those who became Friends with WPHub on Facebook ( and gave us a +1 on Google+. We drew the 3 winners on February 9 and promptly contacted those who won a theme.

WPHub has reviewed well over 600 WordPress themes, including nearly 20 from ThemeFuse. The company is a noteworthy player in the WordPress theme space and one of its co-founders, Dimi Baitanciuc, recently sat down with us for an exclusive interview where he told all about the company’s launch, its ongoing theme development, and the future of the industry as a whole. Our four-part series with him provides a very rare insight into the mind of a WordPress influencer.

ThemeFuse focuses on niche themes as a way of growing its business, offering solutions for restaurants, doctor’s offices, and more. Take a theme called Art Gallery, for example, which runs $49 and provides an ideal framework for a portfolio. There’s a slider that’s positioned front and center on the page, which, according to our review of Art Gallery, makes it easy to navigate and display just about anything: “You can use it to feature any type of content you like, but the large images and smooth transitions make it ideal for featuring visual art.”

Look for more giveaways from WPHub in the future. Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@WPHUB) for the latest.