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On the heels of its popular “The Muse” WordPress theme release last week, ThemeFuse has announced that its next premium offering will be a minimalistic product designed for WordPress websites called MetroVibes.

In a blog post published earlier this week, the company stated, “If you’re a fan of new Windows 8 Metro (or Modern) look and feel then you’ll love our upcoming theme. It is currently deep in the oven, growing and taking shape each day, but don’t worry: you won’t have to wait too much until we release it because our wonderful team of developers are getting extremely good and fast at integrating WordPress themes. The theme will be available in lots of colors and styles, and will include quite a few variations of the homepage. We’re very excited about this one.”

MetroVibes Sneak Peek

Although no screenshots of custom pages have been released for the future download, WPHub was able to get a peek at the MetroVibes homepage, which comes off as a sleek layout combined with a soft, tan-like, default color scheme that can used for portfolios, freelancing, and other business purposes without coming off as too “corporate.”

MetroVibes Homepage

From what we can tell, MetroVibes will have the option to display LightBox enhanced featured content area on the homepage where front-end users can mouse over entries to highlight them or click through to see the full post. There will be one “main” image on the left hand side followed by six secondary screenshots in the form of thumbnails just to the right. All of this will be located immediately below the logo area and top navigation bar.

Webmasters will also have the option to input firm-specific features on the homepage that differ slightly from what we’ve come to expect when it comes to blurbs. There is indeed a traditional three column layout shown prominently below the featured region, but that leads into a “Clients” area that can be used to give your website a Call To Action section in cases where premium products or services are on offer.

MetroVibes Features Feed

Below that, you’ll have ample space to highlight your social media feeds including recent posts from Twitter and other sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The social media integration is a significant feature for any website in today’s environment due to the massive amount of buzz that can be generated through sharing website posts and news.

Premium Theme Catalog

All together, ThemeFuse manages a premium theme catalog of more than 30 products which vary in price range. There is also a “Club” membership available to those who wish to have full access to all themes that are currently marketed by the firm.

Browser compatibility includes proper function of this theme on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera (the most popular browsers worldwide), plus the recent releases by ThemeFuse are compatible with WordPress 3.5 (there has been no news on when the update to work with Version 3.6 will be release, but we assume this is currently one of the company’s highest priorities).

Theme access comes with full support from a staff of qualified developers who can troubleshoot and solve issues for new and established clients, plus some packages include layered Photoshop files. So far there have been three replies to the main sneak peek post that was published on ThemeFuse. One user typed, “Now this one i’m really excited to see.. The last few have not been my cup of tea but this one looks like it’s hitting all the right spots.. Typography looks much nicer than the last few.. Keep up the good work guys.” Another ThemeFuse customer who goes by the name of Tristan added that he wishes the company positive sales numbers.

To find out more about ThemeFuse and its products, click on the following link to view its entire WordPress theme catalog.

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    like the colour scheme

  • Comment by Sarah

    love the colors of this theme its very vibrant and eyecatching

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    wow looks nice, will keep my eye out for this theme