ThemeForest Reaches 1,000 WordPress Theme Milestone

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There are a lot of great theme memberships available to WordPress users. For example, Elegant Themes gives access to over 60 themes for only $39 a year and add new designs every month. If you are looking to purchase several designs to use for clients or for your own websites, memberships like this are the best value.

If you are looking for something specific though, I recommend the marketplace ThemeForest. Support is an issue from some authors however the sheer variety of designs available there is phenomenal. Regardless of the number of designs that WordPress theme stores release, I always feel that most of the designs look too similar. With only 2 or 3 designers usually designing the theme, it’s understandable that all themes released will have a certain feel or look. This is not a problem on the ThemeForest marketplace due to there being hundreds of authors competing against each other.

The other day ThemeForest announced that they now have over 1,000 WordPress themes in their marketplace, and they managed to reach this milestone in only 2 and a half years (August 2008-Present). They also released some stats that explain why more and more WordPress designers are releasing their products on the ThemeForest marketplace. Designer Kriesi recently made over $40,000 in one month.

The top grossing theme is InFocus has had over $200,000 worth of sales to date. The fastest selling is called Striking, which has managed to reach $160,000 in sales in only 7 months (Over 4 thousand purchases at $40 a time). With these kind of statistics, I believe ThemeForest will smash the 2,000 theme mark within the next 12 months.

To celebrate this milestone they have released 34 beautiful WordPress Icons within two two icon sets: SoftFacade and TurboMilk. SoftFacade is currently winning the download race (and rightly so in my opinion).

Softfacade Icon Set

Turbomilk Icon Set

As much as I like ThemeForest, I’m glad that some alternative WordPress marketplaces (e.g. Mojo Themes) have launched over the last year. Competition is healthy as we don’t want any service getting a monopoly over premium designs.

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