Which Theme Type Do You Generate The Most Revenue From? (Poll)

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Revenue generation from online websites has become a realistic means of maintaining a bottom line for enterprises and individuals over the last few years thanks to a number of resourceful tools and plugins that streamline advertisement and organize profit-making content like never before. Regardless of whether you’re running an in-house ad campaign by charging for impressions and banner percentages or performing mass sales via an online retail site, the WordPress platform is ideal for reducing costs and giving companies more room to work with when it comes to budget.

In this article, we ask our readers to give us an idea of which WordPress theme type is the most profitable for them in their everyday lives. Some developers handle numerous clients at once and must juggle responsibilities while they evaluate the pros and cons of each business structure, while others focus on a sole website in order to extract the most value out of its revenue generating potential.

The e-Commerce Platform

If you’ve ever visited WooThemes, then you’re likely well aware of just how must potential an e-Commerce theme can provide to an online point of sale. The WooCommerce Management System (which is currently in BETA for its upcoming 2.0 version commercial launch) offers everything from features and testimonials to seamless checkout for front-end users who are looking to purchase producting that range from clothing and apparel to video games and electronics.


Online retail is without a doubt a unique method for gaining online income and does require a certain amount of experience in most cases if you want to be successful, but the upside is nearly limitless once you have secured methods for achieving high traffic, promoting high-demand products and covering the logistics of merchandise shipping.

Corporate Products And Services

Ten years ago, many companies were highly reluctant to go online with anything more than a make-shift design due to the elevated costs that went into website programming and continuous maintenance that was required in order to gain any reasonable amount of online customer loyalty.

This has all changed recently, and now more than ever firms are able to get a working design up and running as quickly as possible with all the right tools for rapid insertion of photographic and promotional content. This makes selling specific products or services a painless task in many instances, as there are many premium themes on the market that are configured to get the most out your website’s capability through the use of homepage blurbs, content sliders and dedicated sales pages.

WordPress Theme Features


If you’re a professional photographer or a freelance specialist who specializes in graphic design, then there are a lot of possibilities for generating income via an online website. Portfolio WordPress themes often have a special way of showcasing your work and can lay out image based content in a number of columns and formats to ensure flexibility.

ePhoto WordPress Theme By Elegant Themes

You can use a portfolio theme to feature hi resolution content on the homepage and also on separate feeds that allow your clients to click on a thumbnail in order to enlarge the photo to its full size.

News And Blogging

In spite of the exponential growth in blogging, there are still ways to turn a profit through a well designed blog site provided you have the right SEO tools to work with. If you have a large group of writers to go hand-in-hand with your interest in a certain topic or industry, news and magazine websites give owners a way to gain traffic while keeping readers in the loop.

Vote In This Week’s Poll

This week, we would like to find out what WordPress theme type you are currently experiencing the most success with when it comes to income generation. Please take a moment to respond, as we will provide a follow-up article next week with the results.

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    I think Real Estate and Restaurent themes will have high conversion rate yielding very high profit…As you stated blogging niche still needs to improve a lot interms of profit and most of the bloggers still go for free themes.