Marketplace Coming Soon

in Blog is an upcoming theme marketplace that is planning on doing things a little differently from everyone else. Most theme marketplaces are simply a directory for designers and developers to sell their completed themes to customers. are looking to help designers and coders hook up so that they can release awesome designs in HTML, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. It’s a great idea. Most designers and coders prefer to focus on their own area of expertise so commonly they need to team up with others to launch premium products. will hopefully make this process quicker and easier for everyone involved.

According to Patrick Cohen:

It should be a new kind of theme marketplace:

  • Design must be the mainfocus (call it “dribbble-quality”) for themes
  • (rockstar) designers can connect with (rockstar) developers. (as for collaboration on building themes together)
  • Think of royalties for the designer (think of the music or movie industry)

Has anyone ever thought of selling beautiful themes or site templates on a marketplace? What would keep you from doing so, or what are the difficulties you’re (or might be) running into? Or are you already selling on a marketplace, what are your findings?

We also sense (in the community) the lack of development skills (read: building a WordPress theme) of designers and the other way around (the lack of design skills of developers).

It’s being launched by Red Factory, who have been very successful selling themes on ThemeForest.

Check out the video for a brief introduction to the upcoming marketplace :)

It isn’t sure how the system will work exactly though it will be interesting to see how it will be received. You can sign up to their pre-launch newsletter if you are keen to learn more.